7 Psalms x 7….

November 16, 2015

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3 Temptations

November 14, 2015

3 temptations

Prophecy 11 14 15

November 14, 2015

There will be a Unity that drives out the enemy.  Do not fear do not faint.  Let the Fire Burn inside of you and come into the Light for I Am willing to erradicate these curses and fill you with Power.  Delight yourself in King Jesus and He will make a way of escape for you.  The years have been hard but I removed a lot of junk already and the last remnants of what is in Kristins life to separate you from her is being removed.  Long and everlasting long love will be given.  Hands held and lifted to the King.  And you will have delightsome times in the places you will go.  For you will begin to move in the Spirit in boldness and fierce rage against the enemy.  Let Me take ahold of your emotions and make you angry with these things.  I will turn you into what the enemy has tried to take from you.  And remake and remodel the old fixations and movements of life into bliss and perfect peace in the silence of God.  You will change form and become Light.  And you will not fear the dreams that you had but you will crush them in prayer.  Silence the enemy with your silence.  Be quiet and wait until 2016 for I will reawaken what has been dormant in your life.  And your prayers will seem effortless and free flowing as you work ahead forward and move mountains with your Words.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Prophecy About Kristin 11 12 15

November 12, 2015

Vertical Love flowing down from heaven above.  Kristin will find herself aware of Truth and Fear God oh yes in abundance of joy at the revelations to come.  She will miraculously begin to sing in times of trouble.  And her voice will be heard around the world in the dreams of the children to come that will become a part of your life.  Do not doubt but realize that she is being set apart for the King.  And she will find herself with verses of scripture to combat the demons in your life.  Use what she gives when she gives it for she knows the time.  And these simple verses will be used more mightily out of her mouth than many pastors and preachers.  For she has the keys to victory in your life.  Held tight and dear before her heart she will use what she has seen of your life as a testimony of Love.  Miracles Signs and Wonders await in the time period from December to Febuary.  There will be Times and Seasons pressing onward and upward.  Times to wait in the presence of God and receive the REAL DEAL that I told you about.  Yes you and Kristin will be made fully aware and healed of the shortness of breath that you have in the Spirit.  There will be full capacity given to heal hearts wounded since before Time.  There will be people that show up that just should not exist in this reality.  But they will and do and you will find Time and Space are not quite what you think they are.  And Kristin will love it so abundantly and it will be abundantly clear that she loves you too..  IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!

Prophecy for Me 11 12 15

November 12, 2015

The miraculous powers are inside you waiting to come out.  For they have been crushed by the armies of the enemy and sunk down deep within.  And I will use the force of Agape Love to break anything that comes against you with invisible force.  There will be keys set in place stones set in place.  Putting things upon altars in the land.  To set up a new place, a new race and a new shaking hands.  For you will reprove the falsely innocent in the land with redoing and redounding joy of love and fixation of vixation.  There will be incredible life.  Even finding yourself at a new dawn.  With body wholly able to withstand any days ahead.  Healed miraculously by honesty and truth.  Yes as you write this you plan on doing it.  Do it and you will see the Light feared by the enemy begin to break and shatter forth.  Verses made plain as day before your eyes as you pray.  From Sun Up to Sun Down the Word will break and shatter the lies of the past and what you have been through will become fully understood.  Sunday you will be back in the House and will do a miracle before many.  Amen.

This is US!!!

November 12, 2015

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November 12, 2015

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james and angie

Prophetic Word to Donald Trump

October 18, 2015


October 13, 2015


October 3, 2015
Tue 8:30 AM · Anytime Fitness – 901 Forest Ave E
Jeremy Voss and Ryan Sjodin are going


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