Aaron Zachary Odencrans and Travis Flores the Diamond Combo

August 24, 2015

Big Diamond Little Diamonds

Dream About Kat Kerr plus a few additions 8/23/15

August 23, 2015

I had a dream I found a poster from Kat Kerr from 2008.  It was her asking for prayer cause someone said she was mentally ill.  There was a conversation with some people written on the poster that was what happened with the people that called her mentally ill.  One of them said they had lots of “Disney Money” and could try to stop her ministry.  I was talking to my mom about her how I gave her ministry partner my website and info.  We were by the street lights in Milaca MN when this happened.

Then the dream changed and I was talking to my dad about how I need to start preaching because I’m about to be really popular from all the stuff I told people over the years.  My dad said ya your smart you will be really popular.  I said “Thank you sir”.  And went to a line of sweaters to pick one to wear.  I picked a green and black one and it didn’t match my shirt but matched my pants.  When I did I heard God say “Learn from past mistakes”.  I was going to fill my time with good works instead of just wasting time and was excited.  I saw Kat Kerr come out of a room and start singing.  I yelled along to the song as loud as I could as I closed my eyes I saw Raphael the ninja turtle with red headband closing his eyes like I was hurting his ears.  I knew I was a bit in the flesh to be yelling along with Kat Kerr’s singing.  Then I woke up.

Additional dreams: Thinking about getting a digital turntable and mpc together to make beats.  I remember tipping a school desk on its side and hitting it to the beat I made.  It made a cool tapping sound.  I was also in my old bedroom and tipped over I think the desk or something and it cut my radio wire from off the wall.  I told my mom about it as she woke up and talked to me.  I know the radio being cut off was significant.  At the end of this dream I turned on the tv and saw scripture being read on the tv.

With these dreams I know I’m supposed to listen to Kat Kerr’s videos and heavenly teachings because she believes the Mercy Season will last a long time also!!! :D LOVE U KAT!!!

Word from Melinda Geisenburg to Aaron

August 22, 2015
he is going to continue to remove layers for you too

I keep seeing him pulling off more and more layers of what he has been teaching you

it goes beyond the shapes and the colors
yes there is much more

it goes into more of the dominions and inner working of frequencies
i havent gotten into the courtroom stuff yet just pondering some teachings from ian clayton

dimensions not dominions lol
mostly just praying and declaring and interceding for everyone i can
yes the frequencies
that is a major key

well there is more to it, it’s kind of like, a study in quantum physics with a twist

I keep hearing architect
i just heard God say “paladium shift”

you’re a kingdom Arcitect
amen grin emoticon

you will help shift the inner connections and building from what is to what will be
thank you so much for that

kind of connect the dots on steriods

its about the people and the function of the people that you bring together…that you connect

you help build or re-build the kingdom rightly

you have a deep red mantle with Gold…and you have symbols on it
yes its a mix of their Identity in Christ based on what God spoke about them, the meaning of their name, the numbers of their birthday etc

they look like math symbols sort of but more of what you see in the cosmos

they are moving and speaking

they are at work

they are working on you…this looks so wild…
amen that is awesome

you have a crown on your head

its gold with many colors and shapes of gems and diaminds


you have a ring, (authority) on your right hand and there is much power around you
im wearing a red shirt right now lol

you are with others talking….I think its Enoch…have you met him yet?
my mom actually saw him in a dream
ive never seen him

yea…if not yet you will

he is going to be an integral part of your tutoring process and has been really already, but I don’t think you have been to aware of it
that word God gave me “Paladium Shift” i looked it up and its in google

i think that has to do with the new type of metal i saw in dreams
it was a metal that could transfer Air into energy
used for heating and cooling on houses

wow…you’re like the second person i’ve prophesied to today that has had something to do with building
and disposable cars
hahaha your VERY sharp

ur definately a prophet prophet prophet
redemptive gift, ministry gift, and gift of prophecy
the tripple portion of prophetic

Adam and Eve Paris France Mercy Exhorter

August 21, 2015

adam and eve paris france

My White Flower

August 20, 2015

the yellow flower

Aaron VS Kristin in the RACE!!!

August 20, 2015

Aaron vs Kristin

More Trinkwittz Pics

August 20, 2015

TRINKWITTZ 222 trinkwittz 333 trinkwittz 444

Word for Aaron from Marcy Race

August 20, 2015
  • Marcy Race:‎ I was praying for you and I saw a vision
  • Marcy Race:‎ I saw you were surrounded by the mountains and you didn’t fear at all
  • Marcy Race:‎ and you started to jump so high over the mountains
  • Marcy Race:‎ and you laughing
  • Marcy Race:‎ and you said take that devil lol

Trinkwittz Poster

August 18, 2015


Pray for Me People!!!

August 12, 2015

I’ve been getting hammered the last few days, blessings!!!


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