Mercy Season Raw Teaching

This is a prophetic teaching that I believe many in the Body of Christ need to hear. It is a teaching about the 7 Seasons of the Church Age. As well as the 3 periods of Revival that have and will continue until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. There has been a transition that has been very hard on the church, because of a lack of Vision we have not partnered with Almighty God as we should. But I believe after reading this teaching you will see the need for change, and how to work in this new season that we entered into around the year 2004.

The 3 Gift Lists in Scripture

There are 3 main gift lists in scripture. The 9 Spiritual Gifts in 1 Corinthians 12. The 5 Ministry Gifts in Ephesians 4:11. And finally the one I want to focus on the 7 Redemptive (Motivational Personality) Gifts of Romans 12:6-8. These 7 gifts have been studied to an incredible length by a prophet in California named Arthur Burk. And I want to simply speak of them and then focus on the 7 Seasons of the Church Age. The 7 Gifts in Romans 12:6-8 are Prophet Servant Teacher Exhorter Giver Ruler and Mercy. Each individual has one of these gifts, and also churches, cities, and nations also have one of these gifts. These 7 Gifts also line up with the 7 colors of the rainbow. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet. There is a difference between the Ministry Gift of Prophet (Ephesians 4:11), and the Redemptive Gift of Prophet (Romans 12:6-8), as well as the Gift of Prophecy (1 Corinthians 12). The Redemptive Gift of Prophet is a Problem Solving Gift. It is also the Gift of the United States of America as well as Germany, and also the city of Boston, and the State of Massachusettes. It is a gift that is Designed to Weave together Principles. So that they can be put together and used. America’s technological development is one of the great examples of the Redemptive Gift of Prophet at work. The Prophet Ezekiel for example was a Redemptive Gift of Prophet as well as a Ministry Gift of Prophet. Isaiah was a Redemptive Gift of Teacher as well as a Ministry Gift of Prophet. Jeremiah was a Redemptive Gift of Exhorter as well as a Ministry Gift of Prophet. So you can see that besides the 5 Ministry Gifts there is a personality gift at work that combined with the Ministry Gift gives us a specific unction and anointing that changes the way the Ministry Gift of Prophet is walked out. Elijah was a Redemptive Gift of Prophet as well as a Ministry Gift of Prophet. Elisha was a Redemptive Gift of Giver as well as a Ministry Gift of Prophet. The nation of Israel has the Redemptive Gift of Giver. And the city of Jerusalem is the Redemptive Gift of Teacher. Also each of the 50 states in America has one of the 7 Redemptive Gifts. California is Exhorter, Iowa is Mercy, Minnesota is Giver etc etc.
Arthur Burk explains these things in great detail in his teachings. And they are available at Also there is a personality test available at where you can find out your Primary and Secondary Redemptive Gifts. Ed Kang is the name of the man in control of this site. I personality am a Primary Prophet Secondary Teacher. While Ed Kang is a Primary Prophet Secondary Exhorter. And we walk in our giftings in ways that reflect these giftings.

The Additional List Kingdom Shape

Just as the 7 Redemptive Gifts line up with the 7 Colors of the Rainbow. There are also 3 Shapes that parralel the Trinity. These are Circle Triangle and Square. Prophet Intercessor and King. I prayed in the Spirit for a long period of time in a Teacher City of Princeton Minnesota. And received the revelation of the 3 shapes. I personally believe that each person has a Color and a Shape. And the Prophet (Circle) shape is that of a Messanger or 5fold Ministry Gift. The Intercessor (Triangle) shape is that of a Worshipper or Prayer Warrior. The King (Square) shape is that of a Warrior or Business Person. Circles and Triangles are called to serve in the Church, while the Squares are called to take the Authority given through the Spiritual Activities of the Church, and take them out of the 4 walls into the world. And in our modern times to be those that receive the funding for the Spiritual Activities and operate more in the Natural Realm than the Spiritual Realm.
The 7 Seasons of the Church Age and the 3 Main Revival Periods

After understanding the 7 (Redemptive Gifts) and the 3 (Kingdom Shape). We can go to understand Time and where we are today in the modern history of the church. I believe the 7 Letters to the Churches in Revelation parrallel the 7 Redemptive Gifts. Here is the year markers and titles for the 7 Seasons.

Prophet 0-100AD Christ and the Apostles Red
Servant 100-300AD The Martyr Season Orange
Teacher 300-1500AD The Dark Ages Yellow
Exhorter 1500-1800AD The Renaisance Green
Giver 1800-1900AD The Missions Century Blue
Ruler 1900-2004AD Fighting and Building Indigo
Mercy 2004-2nd Coming The Mercy Season (Intimacy and Revelation of the Bride) Violet

Arthur Burk was able to understand this and partner with intercessors from around the world to find out that the transition into the 7th Season happened around Febuary 2004. And I personally believe this is accurate as I look back on my own life and see how God made a sudden shift around 2003-2004.

Now Also remember the 3 Shapes. Circle Triangle and Square. Along with these 7 Seasons I believe there are 7 main revival periods in modern history. After the Dark Ages God began to restore what was lost to the early church. These are the 3 Main Revivals

1517 Martin Luther Revival of the Son (Circle) Restoration of Salvation by Faith
1906 William Seymore Revival of the Holy Spirit (Triangle) Restoration of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
2014/2015 Native Americans Revival of the Father (Square) Restoration of the Romance between the Bride and Bridegroom

We are already in the period of the 7th Season of the Church Age. And we just now are beginning the Revival of the Father. Which is going to be the most powerful of ALL the Revivals in all of history. And this is to bring in the Final Harvest before the 2nd Coming. And all that will transpire before the final Tribulation Period.

My Personal Testimony and Seeing the Future of the Church

I was Born Again in the year 2000 at age 18, and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit about 6 months later. In 2003 I received the Gift of Prophecy and a calling into the Ministry. I began to have tremendous prophetic dreams and encounters in the night season of things to come. I didn’t understand that we were in the 7th Season until around 2008. And then began to dream about certain years and see what they will be like in the Future. I have had dreams about the years 2016 2021 2035 2045 2050 and a symbolic dream about 2060-2080.

Time Travel and The Dreams of the Future

I personally believe that Time Travel is a very possible miracle. And in dreams it is possible to see into the Future. I also believe that Awake Time Travel is possible but God has not allowed me to experience that yet. In these dreams I get to experience the Future as it will be and get a glimpse of what is to come. I believe these encounters are a mix between the Spiritual Gift of Word of Wisdom, and the Spiritual Gift of Special Faith. The Word of Wisdom is a knowledge of future events, while the Gift of Special Faith is a turbobooster for the other gifts. The Apostle John experienced this on the Isle of Patmos when he experienced the Far Future. Here is a rundown of what I saw in my dreams of the Future during the Mercy Season.

2016- I prophesied to myself and said this “You need to go to Paris France in 2016 and get the Key to Unlock the Bride from the Bride Chamber”. This was to help me understand that my mission during the Mercy Season is to unlock the Romance Anointing for the Bride of Christ to fall in Love with God once again before the 2nd Coming.

2021- I was talking to a man who was very scared and he asked me what would happen. I told him “Everything will grind to a complete halt, and then the Power of God will be released”. After this I told him “There will be Great Preaching but dont expect a Cakewalk”. After this I was beside a highway in the year 2021. I saw 2 young teenagers riding a flying vehicle. There was a pole that somehow took energy out of the air and was able to levitate. Then I was sent down the highway and saw people driving small cars without the exterior. It was just the frame of the car. And they were all carrying cardboard on the backs. Also the weather was cool and there was a “Creepy” breeze. It was as if you could tell by the weather that God was angry with the Earth. (The Reason I know this was 2021 was I asked someone the year and they said 2021)

2035- Jesus appeared to me in this dream and I worshipped Him. He looked like the classic pictures of Jesus with long hair and a white robe. He hugged me and said “Everything is going to be alright”. After this He wanted me to ask Him a question. I said “What about Time Travel?”. He pointed in front of me and I saw these Years Scroll by. It landed on 2035 and it said Creation Science Museum. These huge double oak doors opened and I was in the mountains. It seemed to be like the Ozarks or something along those lines. There was a man preaching there and I heard him say “Dinosaurs have been found all over the world!”. I saw a family of people listening to him and they seemed to all be dressed in Hemp Clothing. It was a brown khaki that reminded me of Hemp.

2045- In this year I saw a garden. It was very similar to something you would see even this year. People had planted a big garden outside and were tending to it. I asked someone what year this was and they said 2045. Then they said “The Lord cant keep allowing this to go on”. I said “Yes but if the Key Years click by Time will be extended until its absolutely too far gone”. Through this I realize that the 2nd Coming could happen at any time. But if the church does its duty then the tribulation will be moved farther ahead in Time.

2050- This year I saw Travel Increased. I saw a scene with 2 Trains, Cars going every direction. People walking and people riding bikes. It was a very beautiful day with people going in every direction. Someone told me this was the year 2050.

2060-2080 This was a symbolic dream where I saw the words written “2060-2080 Mens Givers Ministry”. It was a ministry I was going to have in the far future. I saw a golden key with a red and green ribbon around it. Set into a seal. I also saw my future wife’s ministry. As a workout ministry for older women.

New Miracles and the New Breed

Throughout my walk with God. I have gotten in trouble over trying to force some things and make some of my prophecies come to pass. One thing I know is that there is going to be a Mighty Revival. In one of my dreams God spoke audibly to me and said “What is coming will be like 1000 pentecosts or 1000 new Americas and every nation will get a chance to do what America did”. I also saw a dream that referenced the suffering in America and the breakthrough that is coming. At first in the dream God said “Keep praying its working”. Then I saw a piece of coal crushed into a diamond. And I heard God say “America will deliver itself”. Those that endure this present suffering will come into a time of mighty harvest and revival. And no telling what will actually transpire in these coming years. One of the things God spoke to me in a dream was “The devil is scared of the New Breed”. Through understanding church history and how each Move of the Spirit goes into the next. What I call the “New Breed Movement” is on the way soon. I have seen that in this Movement there will be mighty miracles of Time Travel, Shape Shifting, and Object Transmutation. People’s bodies will be supernaturally changed into what God designed them to be. And we are in a time of preparation for this now. God is going to restore what the locust has eaten and those who will be called the New Breed will receive a mighty anointing for miracles. One prophet told me if you want to pioneer a new move of God preach the scriptures that match up with it. In the bible it says we are a “New Creation in Christ”. New Creation in the Greek means “Refreshing Reformation”. And I believe the New Breed will be Refreshed by the Spirit with a mighty new anointing. The scripture is packed with miraculous signs that we will work as the Spiritual Gift of Working of Miracles will be released again to the Last Days Church like never before. I believe many of the older generation will receive a supernatural age reversal so they can live in this new profound reality that God is creating. Water into Wine was an Object Transmutation miracle. Moses turning his hand leprous and then back to normal was a Shape Shifting miracle. And John experiencing the far future was a Time Travel miracle.

The Romance Between the Bride and Bridegroom

During what has happened in the last 10 years there has been many divorces and relationships have been hampered by the enemy. But I believe that the romance between husband and wife will be restored to those in the Kingdom. And there will be many Holy Spirit inspired marriages that will take this world by storm. The restoration of the Garden is going to manifest in ways that are beyond what we have ever seen on earth. I know many that are believing for a Godly Spouce and I believe those relationships are in process to extend the time before the Return of Christ to the Earth. So that many can be saved and receive Eternal Rewards. I know I am called to the mission field, especially to go to Paris France in 2016 to begin the work of restoring the Romance Anointing to the Body. In one dream I was next to my future wife, and told her “After this very difficult transition there will be miracle after miracle”.

In closing

I would like you to read my blog site and watch my youtube videos. And share this information about the seasons of the church age with everyone you can. Here is some links to those sites involved with this ministry.
Arthur Burk-
Ed Kang-
My Blog Site-
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My name is Aaron Zachary Odencrans on Facebook

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