Laura Colter Boaz’s dream about Abortion

April 20, 2015

This dream God blessed me with has a solid message. I dreamed I was in a hospital waiting for a young lady that was having a procedure there. An issue broke out at the table I was sitting at about racism and I was speaking out against someone who was being racist. Then suddenly a nurse with blonde hair came out of the room the girl was in. I saw her throw something in the trash and didn’t think it was a big deal. But the Holy Spirit said “Go look and see what she just threw away.” I went and looked and saw that a fully developed fetus, about five months old was writhing in the trash can. Then I looked and saw another baby up underneath that one but the head was very minuscule and only a piece was left attached. The baby was still alive but I knew it would not make it. Suddenly the weight of the situation hit me and all I could stand to do was scream and cry. The weight of the crime that had been committed was placed on me and I knew there were women in hell being tormented because of the guilt of the truth of injustice at having done this to their own babies. All I could do was scream and cry, I couldn’t move otherwise because the torment took away all my physical strength. Then the Lord came up to me and His presence took the pain away. He told me that He was about to give me the dream over again, some things would be different but that didn’t matter…and also, that this time He wanted me to remove the babies from the trash can. I told Him, “Lord I can’t do it, how can you ask me to do this?” I was remembering the torture I felt and how I could do nothing but lament in grief (I had no physical strength). He said “Laura, if I was in that trash can would you get me out?” I said “Yes Lord. Of course.” And I knew I would do what He asked even if it made no sense. I also knew this thought and reality would be my driving force and strength to do what needed to be done. It took me a while to calm down inside the dream. I remember resting against a wall and closing my eyes allowing the peace of God to wash over me and fill me until finally the dream started over from the beginning.

I stood up from my place at the wall and saw the same people in the room. However a group of teenagers from all different backgrounds entered the room. It was crazy because I remember thinking gangs usually have a group of ethnicity where they mostly hang out with their own kind, but these were rich people, poor people, black people, white people…from all races, backgrounds, and lifestyles. It was confusing to me how they could be a gang, but they were. Some were being dared to go into the hospital wing side where all the workers were. I wished they wouldn’t go. But they had the foolishness about them that teenagers do, and some of them entered. Even those who were from good families. These hurt me the worst because they had been taught better than some others. I felt I had understanding, and I turned my head toward where the exam room and trash can was. To my surprise the room was crowded. It was packed full of people and there was a buzz like their hearts were full of hustle and bustle of whatever was going on in their lives. I thought, “Lord, these people do not have the heart to receive.” Then I saw the blonde nurse come out again and pass by the trash can. I was strengthened because of what the Lord had spoken to me and I went and saw the babies again. I did not feel torture, I felt an urgency to save these babies. I pulled them out and held them. The one with the head severed breathed its last breath in my hand but I felt the baby was comforted that someone cared. Both the babies felt my skin, it was enough to let them know that love was near them. The baby that was still alive looked underdeveloped but I knew he had a fighting chance. I began to scream again when the baby with the severed head died. I screamed so loud, however, this time it was not a scream of anguish and torture, but one of injustice. I held the babies up for everyone in the room to see the reality of what had been done. This was not something to be hidden and brush aside, but to expose. I screamed so loud it pierced their busy hearts. Some looked at me and felt what I felt, others just kept walking but I knew I had done the right thing. I took the babies down the hallway so that the one that was still alive could get the proper care it needed. I remember a man following me as I took the baby where it needed to be ok, thinking he might be a dr. I just remember bonding with the baby once his skin touched my skin and it was instant comfort to him that someone was going to feed him.

The next thing I know I am somewhere in a home nursing this baby, who is also my sibling, who is also a child I gave birth to. There is a man, who I understood was my dad. He and my mother are angry with me for not aborting this baby. They are also the ones who gave birth to the baby and want him dead. It’s then I realize I’m being shown several different scenarios of why people abort, all in one example. I nursed the baby until he had completely drained one side and was about to switch him to the other side when my dad came along bringing a needle and a syringe. He had a wild look about him, telling me everything was going to be ok, and this was the right thing to do. The baby needed his “medicine” not his milk. As he came towards this baby, I realized the “medicine” was poison. I began thrashing around and managed to get my dad away from my child. I couldn’t believe people were going to such great lengths to kill this poor baby when he had absolutely no way to speak up for himself. There was an understanding that the baby knew something stressful was going on because he was not getting fed, he was hungry, and his main source of comfort (me) was screaming and not at peace. (He understood the stress of the situation) I wanted all of these horrible things to go away so that he would be able to experience peace for once.

Then suddenly I am caught up by Jesus and brought into Heaven. We were standing in a garden full of the Chinese trees that were in Mulan at the end of the movie where she was speaking with her father. The Lord told me that His Father wished to speak with me. I looked and saw an elderly man, who was very kind and gentle. I understood He was appearing this way so as not to terrify me. We began walking along and then Jesus left, and it was just I and the Father. He began to speak to me of how He sent His son to the earth and He got to watch Him grow, and how precious He was to Him…that it was an experience He would never forget and He had so many good memories of when Jesus was an infant and grew into manhood. As we walked in this garden, I saw the trees moving out of His way so as not to touch Him, so He wouldn’t be disturbed. This amazed me, I tried to listen to everything the Father said, it was here I knew I was being commissioned to advocate against abortion. However, I began to really become nervous. As with Peter walking on water, I realized what I was doing was huge. I was walking with the Father!! I doubted, and I rationalized…Where was my Jesus who was supposed to be the mediator? I remember thinking this must be a trick from the devil or something…could this actually be happening? I really began to doubt because I couldn’t remember in the Bible where the Father walked with anyone….I began crying out in my heart, “Jesus where are you? What is going on, why aren’t you here mediating? I need you Jesus, come back..come back!!” Then I knew my Jesus was nearby and He and the Father began speaking to each other. They both said “She is not ready for this yet.” I had no clue what was going on. I felt like I was missing something.. I just remember being out of peace and rationalizing everything in my head…when The Lord took me back to earth. I said, “Lord, where was my veil? I needed a veil. Why did you leave me without a veil?” (I was thinking He was my veil) Then He said “Laura, there is no veil.”

When I am back on earth, I found myself in a room with a relative who has had an abortion, and many other people who are living a worldly lifestyle. A woman walked up to the doorway and announced to the room that God had just removed an obstacle in her life that she felt would allow herself to go much further in life. She really wanted everyone to get caught up in how wonderful her future was going to be, but I had a word of knowledge about her and I spoke up. I said “Was the obstacle you speak of, twins that you just aborted?” She looked at me shocked and said “How dare you!” Then I said, “Don’t talk as if God has just paved the way for you by getting rid of something that wasn’t His will. It’s not the truth.” Everyone in the room was upset with me, but mostly my relative. We got into a heated debate. I remember thinking how sad it was that people always say they don’t believe that God would ever send anyone to hell because He is too loving. Then turn around and kill their own children before they ever have a chance to live. When the truth is, God gives the sinner every chance in the world to escape hell by giving them a long life filled with warnings to turn from their wicked ways. My relative asked me what right I have to speak such things to them when I’ve never had to be faced with the choice of having an abortion. I told her that God called me to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and if she couldn’t understand that, it was not my fault but I was just going to continue being obedient and speaking up. I could still feel that baby in my arms and I longed to get as many out of the trash can as I could. When I woke up, the Holy Spirit said to me. “No matter if they are born, or born again, they must make a choice….And so Am I.”

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