6 Types of Prophetic

This was taken from Chuck Pierce’s Notes
(This seems to be very accurate will have to study more)

6 Types of Prophetic Streams
1.Nabi (Bubble Up)- Unction from within to Vocalize. Flow. Water.
2.Roeh (Seer)- Discernment. Seeing on people, through people. Dreams.
3.Shamar (Watchman)- See Gods Timing, When Things will Happen.
4.Chozeh (Vision)- Going into a Trance, Open Vision.
5.Prophetes (To Foretell)- Future Prediction
6.Nataph (To Preach)- Tearing Open Heavens Bringing Revelation. Freedom through Energetic Vocalized Prophecies. Fire. Burning.

20 Responses to “6 Types of Prophetic”

  1. Oak Harted Says:

    I want to learn how to walk in my design…

  2. Danziel Says:

    Praise God I found this treasure!

  3. Helena van Zyl Says:

    I need information on visions:
    Does the people in an open vision(were I partake in) have full length. Bodies or torsos? Does it make any difference.

  4. obakeng france Says:

    I want to know more about the prophetic gifts

  5. APPIAH KOFI Says:

    who is a major and a minor prophet?

  6. wayne ballard Says:

    I have seen something and i had come across this website please email me, i have but a certain amount of queations im wishing to discuss

  7. ramadimetse kgothatso manyaka Says:

    can i have more than 2 different prophetic typs

  8. ryan Says:

    Hello Guys can you tell me something because i have dreams and it becomes real. can you email.

  9. rena joy nfashingabo Says:

    would love to learn more coz am a trace and open vision persn and am hated for it or avoided coz many pastor dont do as they say they do. GOD BLESS YOU am a lonely persn in Uganda Kampala

  10. rena joy nfashingabo Says:

    am both seer n open trance persn so wat can i do,been trying to ignore everything all da tym but am punishing my self alot plz help me

  11. glen Says:

    b.can you explain more on the nabi,the 1st 1

  12. Mfuni Says:

    Thank you very much for the explanation of Prophets. The bubble forth type is the one that God has been using me in the first day I was scared of being judged I was a visitor in that church but I realised that my mouth was opening and like river the words flowed out of my mouth. God is now using me to develop the community that I am in. There are a lot of things that I would like to know about prophetic. Thank you so much

  13. Sakhile Wiseman Mbonambi Says:

    You have just open my mind im a young Prophet still learning my ropes so you information comes in very handy to me. Shalom

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