Deliverance 2: Prayer to Remove Iniquity/Demonic/Curses in Marriage


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Disorder- Lust of the Flesh

Disharmony- Lust of the Eyes

Disunity- Pride of Life

Genesis 3:

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

Disorder is rooted in meeting selfish needs

Disharmony is rooted in separating from counsel of others.

Disunity is rooted in stepping out of the Wisdom of God into the wisdom of the world system.

1. Cause/Root of Iniquity- Meeting Selfish Needs.

Curse/Substance- Disorder

Demonic- Spirit of Lust of the Flesh

2. Cause/Root of Iniquity- Separating from the Counsel of Others

Curse/Substance- Disharmony

Demonic- Spirit of Lust of the Eyes

3. Cause/Root of Iniquity- Exchanging the Wisdom of God for the wisdom of the world.

Curse/Substance- Disunity

Demonic- Spirit of Pride

Repentance Prayer for Marriage Restoration (Dealing with the Roots of Iniquity First): Father God I repent for submitting to the spirit of the lust of the flesh, and meeting my needs selfishly. I also forgive my spouse for doing this, and release them from the bondage I held them in. I declare the Light of the Word of God into the root iniquity of meeting selfish needs, and invite the Holy Spirit to flood that place with the Light of Jesus Christ. Father God I repent for submitting to the spirit of the lust of the eyes, and separating from the counsel of others. I also forgive my spouse for doing this, and release them from the bondage I held them in. I declare the Light of the Word of God into the root iniquity of separating from the counsel of others, and invite the Holy Spirit to flood that place with the Light of Jesus Christ. Father God I repent for submitting to the spirit of pride, and exchanging Godly Wisdom for the wisdom of the world. I also forgive my spouse for doing this, and release them from any bondage I held them in. I declare the Light of the Word of God into the root iniquity of meeting selfish needs, and invite the Holy Spirit to flood that place with the Light of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for removing the demonic that was empowered by the Iniquities (Deal with the demonic spirits Second): Now I bind the strongman of deception, and command all devouring spirits of lust and pride to leave me my spouse, and my children and go under the feet of Jesus Christ. I declare my marriage Holy to the Lord, and I invite the Holy Spirit to flood my marriage with the Light of the Truth of the Word of God. I now seal the perimeters of my family with the sanctifying Blood of Jesus Christ Amen!!!

Prayer for cleansing of the substances of the curses (Cleansing of the Human Spirit Third):Now I break all remnants of the substance of disorder disharmony and disunity. I break the substance from me my spouse, and my children in Jesus name. I command a breaking of all bondage and a loosing of all the besetting sins. I now bring my spirit, and the spirits of my spouse and children to you Father God. I invite your Light to shine upon us and bring the blessing to us. I now allow You to remove all shards of the substance of the curse from every portion of our spirits in Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s Name AMEN!!! of my Testimony:

This is a series of dreams I have had over the years that I want to share with you as a Testimony and to explain some of the things that will happen in my life as well as in the Body of Christ as these dreams come to pass. I was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit in the year 2000 and was baptized in water in 2003. I started out as a charismatic and have been to many different types of churches. Through this process of being part of the Word of Faith Movement. In the church that was named First Love Fellowship with Pastor Phil Larson. His story and mine as well as many others are weaved together through many of these dreams and revelations. During the mid 2000’s there was a surge of revelation as to the problem with the “Name it and Claim it” type churches and doctrines. As the economy began to shift and began to crash. People realized that the promises of wealth in the Word of Faith was out of balance with Truth. And found some of its extremes to be false. I had a dream around the year 2006 as I was going to a strong Word of Faith Church. And in the dream the “Name it and Claim it” church was represented as an “Old Filthy Broken Down Megamall”. And in the dream I woke up in the closet of one of the stores in the mega mall. My shoes were on the wrong feet and I think I lost my socks. This represented my spiritual condition in 2006. Then I walked outside the store and found a circle, one homosexual man and the rest women. And this group was trying to “Find me a girlfriend”. I told them “I don’t want anything to do with you” and left. Actually in this church, there was a homosexual man and a lot of women that would stand together in a circle. I literally saw this in the church after dreaming about it. And I knew the church was not right. Then I walked trying to find the exit in the dream. And I ended up in a filthy bathroom going past a turnstile. I saw Pastor Phil with a plunger lever trying to unclog the toilet. It was making an awful sucking sound as he moved it up and down. I pointed at him and said “That won’t work” and got on top of the turnstile trying to escape. I was unable to leave as the door turned into a brick wall. And I moved on top of the turnstile on my stomach with an invisible cushion for awhile. After what seemed like a long time a Square Window opened above my head. And I saw what looked like a beach. With palm trees and an ocean. And cool sea water went on my face and I felt “Refreshed”. After this happened suddenly I saw a HUGE TIDAL WAVE. And it formed and came towards the Filthy Bathroom. As it crashed in I went under water and got on my knees and prayed in tongues. A bubble formed around me and I could breathe underwater. Pastor Phil and what I heard were a bunch of women were screaming “AARON HELP WE CANT BREATHE”. Now this dream gives me a clear picture of what I have to go through. The beginning has already happened. And in 2007 I told Pastor Phil what hes doing “Wont work” and left the church. And from 2007 until now I am in the waiting period before the “Window” opens up above me. Now Pastor Phil was an extremely spiritually abusive pastor. BUT he believed and experienced some of the Gifts of the Spirit. I believe that AFTER the tsunami I will be able to minister to Phil and help him understand what exactly the Will of God is after this time. Now the Tsunami I believe is the mixture of the “Blessing and Judgment” of the Hand of the Lord. Jesus cast out demons with the Finger of God. But the Hand of the Lord is the Father waving his hand over a situation and dealing with the circumstances. Right now we are in the waiting period before a Severe Judgment that starts at the house of God. And Pastor Phil himself, even with his stubbornness, has had an open vision that explains what will happen in his church. It was around the year 2000 and he was inside of his garage. Suddenly after sitting down to rest he was “In a Vision”. He was preaching in his church, he couldnt remember what he said but he was preaching and “Pointing the finger” at the audience. After seeing this suddenly the doors of the church opened up by themselves. And the Holy Spirit knocked everyone in the church over row by row. Until the invisible force came up to Phil and hit him in the chest. And he was knocked back 10 feet onto the stage. After this happened he came out of the Vision. Now after this over the years he has spoken about this Vision while he was preaching. And thought that this was actually the power of God striking him empowering him to do miracles. When in fact this is God rebuking him for “Pointing the Finger” at everyone else. Now there are Many moves of the Holy Spirit. And each one is unique in that it involves a different set of people and gifts and miracles. And I believe that the Move of God that is about to happen through the course of the Tsunami Dream coming to pass. This is called the “New Breed Movement”. Now to understand the New Breed term you have to know a little of the recent prophecies that have come out of the Word of Faith. Kenneth Hagin Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland have all prophesied about a group of Christians in the Last Days that would be empowered to a greater level than the Early Church. And do “Greater Works”. Kenneth Copeland even recently had a prophecy where he said “A New Breed A New Breed A New Breed of Spiritual Warrior is in the Earth”. The New Breed Movement is the fulfillment of years of Spiritual Prayers and Training in the Body of Christ. Especially to gather the Lost and bring Revival before the Rapture and time is up. Now in 2004 before I knew about these prophecies I had a dream that in the Beginning I heard God say “The Devil is Scared of the New Breed”. This was a Word of Wisdom about the Power that we would walk in in the Last Days in Revival. In the Dream I was wearing a White Suit and was able to Teleport. I felt like electricity. Now I know this was a dream and I didn’t literally teleport in the natural. BUT I believe the New Breed Believers will EVENTUALLY see Every Type of Miracle Possible. Just recently in 2013 I had a dream where God said “After this Very Difficult Transition there will be Miracle After Miracle”. Another dream I had I believe lines up with the “Window” and the “Cool Sea Water”. In this dream I was walking uptown Ogilvie at night, and the sirens started going off. I started praying in tongues and it was like I was being “Filled Up” with the Holy Spirit. I heard God say “Run Home”. And I was about to but then the Sirens STOPPED. And everything went calm and I woke up. Through meditating on the Tsunami and trying to be prepared for it. I was thinking about the window opening and I heard God say “Im going to give you 1 warning before the Big One”. I dont believe its a coincidence that after hearing this I had a dream about “One Warning”. Now putting these 2 dreams together I can clearly see that the Window is about to open. And it will be refreshing, BUT the Warning is that the Tsunami is going to come RIGHT AFTERWARD. And I will be forced on my knees to pray for the ability to Survive the Tsunami. I believe that through this process of God judging the Name it and Claim it False Megamall Church mentality there will be a FRESH Move of the Holy Spirit. The Islands Beach represent the NEW MOVE just as the old megamall represented the OLD MOVE. Now I had another dream that possibly gives a clue as to the “Results of the Tsunami”. I was with my Friend Neal Robyn. I actually had this dream and saw him before I met him in real life. In this dream we were in a time of revival. I couldn’t see anyone else in the room but there seemed to be more people also. And Neal had his finger in the air and was preaching and saying “Alright you Fireballs Lets Go Out on the Streets!”. I was swaying back and forth with my body as the “Flames of the Holy Spirit” came off my body. This dream seemed to be a clear picture of my Ministry Relationship with Neal Robyn. He is going to be a very key man of God for the Revival that is about to happen. He isn’t a pastor but seems to have the gift of Exhorter and Teacher both. I bring the Newest Revelation while he is rooted in reading from the Church Fathers of the Reformation and earlier. Not sure if his Redemptive Gift (Romans 12:6-8) is Teacher or Exhorter. So there is going to be a “Great Revival” before the Rapture of the Bride. In one of my dreams God spoke to me that it is very difficult now for the purpose of the “Maturing of the Bride”. Many things will transpire AFTER the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Not sure if this is just happening in Minnesota or its going to be also happening around the world at the same time. In one of my dreams God spoke that “What is coming will be like 1000 Pentecosts or 1000 New Americas, and Every Nation will get a chance to do what America did”. Because of the Time that we are in the 7th Season of the Church Age. The Time of the Laodicean Church. We will experience the blessing of the Latter Glory the Promise of the Last Wine being the Best Wine. More of the Gifts of the Spirit than any era in church history as well as the most accurate understanding and doctrine and study of the Word of God. For we are in the time of Maturity. The Church is no longer to be tossed to and fro by every wind of Doctrine. But to be settled in the Manifestation of the Wedding Dress of the Bride. Without Spot or Wrinkle. And I don’t know about ALL the moves of God that are to come, but the New Breed is going to be part of the Wave of the Father Revival. First was the Revival of God the Son. 1517 with Martin Luther who was a White Man. THEN in 1906 William Seymore brought back the focus of the Church to the Holy Spirit. And finally in 20?? probably very soon, a possibly Native American man will bring back the Revelation of the FATHER Revival. This pattern is also the pattern of Christian Growth in God. Starting out with Salvation and Water Baptism with God the Son. Then moving onto the Understanding of the Word, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Worship with God the Holy Spirit. And FINALLY moving on to Christian Character and Love with God the Father. The Church has had to go through this process of Faith Hope and Love. And we have finally reached the 7th Season of the Church Age when the Revelation of LOVE will be released and change the hearts of many wicked to receive Christ. And when I receive the FRESH BAPTISM of the Holy Spirit I believe I will walk in the OFFICE of Evangelist. As my personality Redemptive Gift is that of Prophet. My main Ministry Gift will be that of Evangelist. And I believe I am to help release people INTO being a 5fold Minister as well as directing them into the Higher Things of God. I am to minister to the Body of Christ in “Raising People Up”. In my dream about the events I am now going through. I finally at the end beat satan in a chess game. And was suddenly wearing a White Suit. I then began to prophesy saying, “I Am Raising up the People of God, I Am Raising up the People of God, I Am Raising up the People of God”. After I said that 3 times the devil and all the demons lit on fire and burned up. I knew in a previous dream that after going through this spiritual warfare I would make it to the “Waterfall”. The area before this break through is where I dealt with some sin issues in my life and is where I am at right now. Hopefully soon I can beat satan in the “Chess Game”. And finish out this scenario that is being played out and Move Forward. I want to be able to have evidence in the testimony of my Future Wife as well as the other testimonies involved in this that will bring others to the same understanding of Dreams Visions Prophecies and the things of the Spirit.

I had 2 very clear dreams about God bringing blessing back to America. One of them God told me in the dream “Keep Praying its working”, and then I saw a piece of coal crushed into a diamond and God said “America will deliver itself”. An earlier dream I saw a female duck with broken arms and legs sitting on the ground. And there was a song being played that sounded like Amazing Grace, but the words were “Living in a nation bruised and battered and that refused to shine…., and then I saw the duck get healed from her illness, and then find a husband and get married. At the end I saw 5 Ducks going to the Altar in Wedding Garments.

With these two dreams in mind, even though we are now experiencing the Judgment that Begins at the House of God. As well as judgment on our nation for the acceptance of Abortion and Homosexuality. Gods Plan for America includes this difficult time as well as a time of healing and restoration and blessing. I believe the 5 Female Ducks represented the 5fold Ministry, and they were coming to the Altar. They were restoring the Relationship between the Bridegroom and Bride. As well as restoring the Church to her greatest place of Fulfillment.

Now to keep this in balance I also had a dream about the 40 year cycle in America. 1969 was Woodstock which represented Rebellion. And then 1973 Abortion was legalized. David Wilkerson received his Prophetic Vision of America in April 1973. I had a dream in 2009 where I received a Post Card, and it was very large and unfolded into a picture of Death Valley. In the middle was 2 demonic figures. One on the Right was standing up and dressed in Red. This devil figure had a staff with a top with flames coming out of it. And on the Left there was a demon that was sitting down. That was painted all white and had black glasses on. In the dream I heard God say “David Wilkerson Vision 40 Years”. This means that David Wilkersons Vision has completed a 40 year cycle. And the 2 Ditches are where most people are. On the Right Side represented by outright Evil and Satanism and Open Sin. And the Left Side represented by Hidden Sin and a False Sense of Religion (White). Now that we are in this condition it will get more and more difficult until the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit happens in our day and breaks us free from the curses. I believe we are knee deep in the Judgment Season and its possible it will last throughout 2014 and 2015. I believe there will be a food shortage and a time of deep repentance for the Body of Christ. To where things straighten out again.

My friend Michelle Ellison had a very positive dream about the Judgment Season we are in. In the dream her and a group of people were on a narrow path. And on both sides was LAVA, and she knew in her heart that if anyone fell in they would go to hell. The path was winding and twisting at first, but then it straightened out and came to a Heavenly Door.

The fact that people were “Stressed” but did not perish. Means that the Judgment Time is meant to refine us and not send us to hell. This is as opposed to the Wrath of God in the Tribulation. Which causes many to perish. We are actually in the 7th Season of the Church at this time. When GREAT MERCY will be poured out. Especially on the most wicked.

Here is my Testimony about my Future Wife and the dreams related to this issue. It was cut from another letter to a pastor but should make perfect sense.

This woman is named Kristin Marie Krantz and she grew up on a farm in Stacy MN. After my college years in 2003. I was seeking God and trying to straighten out my life. I had broke up with my unsaved girlfriend of 5 years and told God one day. “I’m done looking for a wife, You pick out my wife”.
A time after saying this to God. I was depressed one day and in Mora. And God told me “Something really good is going to happen to you today”. And told me to drive to Cambridge. There God told me to go to the Shalom used clothing shop. I went in and God said “Go upstairs”. I did and there saw my Future Wife for the first time. I felt an anointing from God and pure love and fell in love instantly. I told her she was buying some “Cool pants”. And then walked out of the store. I told God “Im going to marry that woman”. While outside I got in my car. And I told God “Have her walk across the crosswalk at the same time I drive up and I’ll get her number”. That exact thing happened and I got her number.
Later I called her and told her I was a Christian. She had just gotten saved and repented from living with a man 6 months before this. We became best friends and read the bible constantly. We discussed so many wonderful things in the Lord. We spent about 3 months like this. And near the end I started to go crazy and think we needed to leave everything and go preach the Gospel around the USA. She was not in agreement with this and stopped talking to me. I was absolutely crushed. I had prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And she did in her room alone with God. God told me she would need that for the times to come.
After this I lost contact with her from 2003-Valentines Day 2009. I ended up going through fiery trials and demonic torment. While she went to Art School in St Paul. I felt she had left behind the things of God to go a “Secular Direction”. And I don’t know if that was a good direction to go.
On Valentine’s Day 2009 I found her online and saw some of her art. She was very happy to connect with me again and we talked on the phone a good number of times. She was finishing up Art School and she told me some of the things she had been doing. She had a boyfriend for a short time but she said he “lead her away from God”. She then became single again. She was also on antidepressants because of her depression issues. At this time we discussed possibly getting married. And she “ALMOST” was in agreement. But felt that we were both so “Screwed up” that we shouldn’t be married.
In Summer 2010 she came and visited me. It was very wonderful to see her after so many years. We held hands and walked around and ministered to a woman on the street in Ogilvie. Before she left she kissed me 3 times on the lips for Father Son Holy Spirit and left.
Shortly after this she moved to Oregon with another girl her age. And stopped talking to me online or on the phone. She was working at a coffee shop and riding a bike and didn’t have a car. She borrowed 100,000 dollars for Art School and I felt she was going to have great financial problems and end up on the streets. I don’t know where she is at right now but I am not worried. As God has given me peace about this.
When she left in 2003 I asked God for one more confirmation that she was going to be my wife. And I got an oil change. When I got the keys back. They wrote “Aaron Odenkrantz”. Which is a mixture of Odencrans and Krantz. Which is our last names. I took this as a witness that we would be together.
Now I also want to share some of the dreams that I had about her. One of them I was near a strip mall and her brother was there with a red truck. I asked where Kristin was and he pointed and I was floating in the air above her at this time. She was wearing a orange sweater with neon green shirt. I grabbed her by the collar and said “We are supposed to be together”. She made this clucking noise with her mouth and wouldn’t look at me. Next I was floating down a long dark hallway going forward. I grabbed a bucket of vanilla ice cream out of another bucket of vanilla ice cream. And floated down until I met Kristin. She looked at me with eyes of pure love and said, “Im the problem”.
I believe that God was telling me not to “Force her” to want to marry me. But go the long pathway until she realizes that she is the problem. Vanilla ice cream reminds us of how “White” we are. Being sweedish and german. Separating the ice cream seems to represent our separation for a season.
She also had a dream with me in it. First she beat a moth like demon to the ground with a stick. And then I appeared in her room wearing a White Suit with many colors on it. I told her “Its not what people look like on the outside that counts. It matters what your heart looks like when it is examined”.
I believe the white suit represented my ministry, and the piece of wisdom was about not judging people for their looks.
Also she dreampt that she was at her parents house after a rain storm. And all she had was a yellow knapsack filled with her last possessions. She was also very upset. She looked over at the trees and saw the word “Prophecy” in white.
I believe that this means she might end up back at her parents house in Minnesota. With a few things left. And then God will reveal the “Prophecy”. Both about our marriage and other things that have been spoken that will come to pass.
Now recently I had 3 dreams about her that clarify what is the current state of things with us.
One I saw native American children saying “Sacrifices sacrifices to the North South East and West”. Then 2 girls appeared and talked to me. One of them said “You have truly loved Kristin”. And the other one said “She’s going to try to contact you after the…..”.
This dream gave me faith that what I am doing for her is True Love. And that after some event in the Future. Maybe the economic crash of America. That she will try to contact me again.
In another dream I saw 2 towers. Hers was white and on the left. And mine was black and on the right. And I saw as we built up separate from each other. After a certain height she built a stairway off to the left to get away from me. Then I built a stairway off to the left to get closer to hers. Then after this it seemed that I almost “Gave up”. But then at the end I put up a FLAG, and made mine higher than hers.
I believe this means that when I find the answer to making a living for us in work, or also in ministry. That I will have the final straw in our relationship and she will be in love with me.
In another dream she appeared and said “Be patient”.
In another dream a man was telling me that I have another chance with Kristin. And I asked God to show me a sign in the dream. This red fishing boat appeared at the top of these steps and came down. I said “ahhhh the boat”. And knew this was a MAJOR sign for our marriage. Inside the boat was this neon green and colorful graffiti and drawings. That looked like Kristin’s art.
So whatever the boat means it is significant for my future and Kristin’s future together.
Now I also almost gave up on marrying her because of impatience. And for a short time had a girlfriend. The first time we hung out I had a dream where I was talking on a cell phone to God. And God said “Don’t limit me, your going to marry Kristin, don’t screw this up”.
That was recently and I know 100 percent that we will be together. And I wanted to share this because it has been an INTENSE burden on my life. Believing for the impossible and not able to go any other way.

3 Dreams about the Key of Love and the Door
In 2005 while attending First Love Fellowship after coming back to the church. I had a dream where I saw 2 rows or pathways. On the left was a row of white crosses. And on the right was a row of pentagrams and explosions. At the bottom of this dark path was a key. I heard the voice of God say, “Your going to take the difficult path, and everyone is going to say it’s the wrong one, but its going to lead to the KEY”.
Then in 2008 while working with Dave and Cindy Polkamp in ministry. I had a dream where I was in a room with shards of glass flying around. I knew this was witchcraft. And I grabbed a piece of pottery and set it on the ground to keep it from hurting anyone. Then I walked outside and saw a indentation on the floor with a dog sitting on top of it. I heard God say “The key is LOVE”.
Now this year in 2012 I had a dream where I was laying on my back and the devil had his hands around my neck. I put up my right pointer finger and it became a KEY and I unlocked the hands. Then I began to sing about the Power of the Name of Jesus. And that God was going to open the DOOR soon.
Now these 3 dreams gave the story of what I went through from 2005-2012. The difficult path involved all of the deceptions and demonic attacks. And the KEY is LOVE. According to my recent dream I now have the KEY. Which will open the DOOR.

A pastor prophesied over me in 2003 when I dropped out of college and began to seek God for these revelations. He said I would be a “Fiery Evangelist of the Gospel”. And also said “My life would look like a brick wall and then a Door would suddenly appear and I would walk through it”. These two prophecies were some of the First Fruits of what I have been given in the Spirit. And I have been walking it out for the Last 10 years. I believe that as a Refreshing from the Holy Spirit comes I will be empowered to walk as a Street Evangelist and see many salvations and miracles.

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  1. Alisha Largo Says:

    I believe this will help me and my husband out in our marriage

  2. Danelle Says:

    i have come to the conclusion that the reason that i have not been able to obtain deliverance from raping and tormenting demons is that there is a curse on my life.I have been raped and molested by demons since I was in late twenties and thirties. Yes, I opened some doors long ago and have overcome the doors that were opened.yet,i have had people tell me that god had spoken to them and told them that the demons were gone! deliverance ministers have suddenly turned against me and refused to minister and satan had stopped many ministers from answering mails and phone calls. there is too much demonic activity in my life and home for there not to be a curse.and i remember the man who spoke it when i married another and refused his advances.he said to me’you will be sorry for the way you have treated me!”

    • Angel Says:

      Hey Danelle,did you get help from these evil spirits or do you still need deliverance from demons?i a deliverance pastor who could help my email is buffy222 @ please email me if you need any help Angel

      • msstillstanding Says:

        Thank you for this site.Please pray for me and my children my life has turned upside down for three years.I have strange dreams that seems so real.I pray for protection over myself,children,and family.I feel like I have been cursed and also have sex demons.At one point I thought I would lose my mind. Oh But God…is it a curse or is God molding me for Greater?Please help.. God Bless

    • Angel Says:

      Danelle call on The Lord Jesus Christ to save your soul and he will help you and he will fight these demons for you ,concerned for you Angel

  3. Joy Says:

    Yes!! I see changes in my husband. Thanks be to God.

  4. sahaya rani Says:

    brother or sister pls pray to jesus for me devil attacks me during sleep very much. so please remove the curse from me and the devil’s attack. i also soon want to reunite with my husband with my kids

  5. Samuel welsh Says:

    this is a prayer for all men

  6. Jared Says:

    Loved ones, rest your trust in our LORD Jesus Christ when He spoke in Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. And here in Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. And again here in Luke 11:9 So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Then in John 4:10 Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.”

    I agree and all it takes is two and all you have to do is ask.

  7. Samuel welsh Says:

    many thanks, saturn is a dufficult enemy

  8. Ovaldo Says:

    Hi, my name is ovaldo and ive been going through alot latly and i want to get back to god because i turned away from the light and i was a child of god born again but now i’m dead in sin again but now i want life and i want jesus christ back into my life because i left and everyday that i try to get my life together it doesnt work because i keep on being attacked and then weks go by and it gets worse for me and i dont know what to do right now i really feel like im dying and that i may suffer in the eternal fire but i do trust that GOD will deliver me out of this in no time but im trying to figure out what do i do to help him because faith without works is dead.

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Ya I hear you bro. The darkness is strong in the earth right now, and many in the church are walking in it. But I believe God will do a sovereign move and rescue the people who are in darkness. We do have to make right choices, but sometimes that’s very hard and God wants to give you much grace.

      I see in the spirit a mummy wrapped in bandages. I believe that means that the enemy wants to cover up the Glory of God in your life. Begin to pray and seek God for the Glory of God to begin to manifest in your Spirit Soul and Body, and release the Light of the Gospel into the atmosphere around you. I believe you will be ok bro LOVE YOU.

  9. Ndumie Says:

    Hi! My name is precious. Please pray with me. I have a bp and i need a child. God bless

  10. tonie.r Says:

    hi my name is tonie please pray for me i feel as if someone has put a curse on me keeping me from getting int a realationship (marriage)evey guy i meet in really like the end up leaving me without any cause this have really started to depress me ,so if u will please keep me in your prayers that this will be remove and that i find my husband . thanks

    • cedric Says:

      Hi my name is Cedric,I’ve been in the shoes as you.the lady I was suppose to two years ago,just kept quiet after her mom refused her from marrying me,I thought I was bewitched. my fiancé is treating me worse then ever know,but I’m not letting it bring me down as I believe GOD is alive,and if a relationship is not ment to be,GOD shall provide. if when online and started reading about my blood line from my ancestors, I started praying with the scriptures,I’m now getting the where all my bad luck is coming from,but I just keep on praying its what take me to the next day.

  11. Jacques Guy Spear Says:

    please pray for me and my family we are from central america and just recently a pastor visiting , told us a heavy curse has been placed on my mother and my family Ruth mejia Martha spear Tamira spear and myself Jacques spear, the woman who placed the curse was Eva lin which is my fathers step wifes mother, who had great hate for me and my siblings,i have a physical condition which has appeared on my face shortly after i arrived back to australia and it has made white patches all over my face called vitiligo, i have had this since i was 16 and now i am 30 it is a cause of shame and i dont feel to socialise and lock myself away in my house, i pray for healing in gods time and his will , and cover our family with jesus blood , i pary for you all and i just poseted this message for some support also thank you and god bless everyone who reads thank you

    • Kim Says:

      I will definitely pray for you and your family.God is our protector and provider so no weapon that is formed against us shall ever prosper.
      We bind that curse upon your family in the name of our precious Jesus Christ.who became a curse for us.
      Keep the faith and keep believing.
      May God continue to bless you and your family :)

  12. kevin lane Says:

    Thanks I felt God remove some things . the word of God works. thanks

  13. carolyn Says:

    I have never committed adultery or been attracted to any man in my 12 years of marraige & I feel a curse may be on me, my husband, and or our marraige. We had a decent marraige. January 2010 to June 30, 2010 I had an affair. I told my husband about the affair July 3,2010 and my husband beat me then we had sex after he beat me. We continued to have sex until September 2010, but my husband became verbally abusive and disrespectful. I hate adultery & divorce & I committed adultery. We had a brutal & disturbing break up in September 2010. He had me forced out of our home for a month & also tried to have me put in jail. I was able to come back into the home October 27, 2010 but didn’t move back in until October 29, 2010. My husband moved out October 30, 2010 & hasn’t come back, but he comes over to take care of our daughter. He still curses at me & we both are verbally abusive. I believe he has a girlfriend/girlfriends that he’s sleeping with and spending money on her/them. We recently had sex f\Friday & Saturday & I had a bruise on my outer left thigh & a bruise on my right inner thigh after I had sex with him. I also try to control him with threats about court. I have a controlling spirit also a spirit of confusion. I always contradict myself because I don’t want anyone to hurt. I need to be delivered from confusion in my mind & thoughts & the controlling spirit. Can you help me with a word

  14. jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

    Carolyn, the Lord is giving me a Vision for you:
    I see you walking through a Gauntlet. Where the enemy has various traps on either side. And you are going through it slowly. Every time you get hit by one of these traps, you curse and continue on.

    What I see is that you are making progress, but you still have a rebellious spirit and refuse God’s correction. If you start to work on receiving correction by the Holy Spirit. Then you will make faster progress. I’m sure you already know that.

    Keep praying and stay in the Word and read it and speak it over your life. God wants to heal the both of you from this curse and praying this prayer was just the beginning now you have to walk it out.

    Hope that helps.

  15. carolyn Says:

    You are on it. I have been rebellious and trying to control my husband and his behavior. I know I have to be obedient & I know I have to stay focus on what God has for me & move on. My husband told me he was in the world & the wilderness and he said that I don’t want him back. God has awakened me multiple times & showed me things about my husband, the woman in my car & she know he’s married but don’t care, my husband stood before me & told me the woman said she loves him and God does too & he said he liked that. God has been given me visions. He also told me to let my husband go. I’m going to continue to fight to win this battle. I have never been so confused in my life. my husband was court ordered to pay money a month & I’m thinking about an agreement for less but also if I take the agreement with my husband it’s a possibility that my children & I would have to move out if the house foreclose. I prayed to God to let my children & myself stay in our home until our daughter graduate from high school which is 5 years. Our home is built with 5 bibles in the foundation & scriptures on every door frame. I need to hear from God, but do something more than I am to hear from him.

  16. kathy gichinga Says:

    Dear Carolyn,,go to elisha goodman website…you will find help,God is doing amazing things for people like you…God is good….hang on their…have conquers everthing!!
    God loves you…

  17. kathy gichinga Says:

    Carolyn…at this website you will be taught how to fast and pray…how to wake up at 3 am to pray,this kind of perscutions go only by rigorous prayer and fasting,Jesus said that in the bible….at this website your faith will grow,you will defeat the evil dark powers….you will wonder is this all? Pliz go to the website!! kathy

  18. Says:

    In the name of the Son of God- Jesus, all things be done. Heal lord, those that write and need you. I command all evil beings in the name of Jesus, Son of the almighty God, Iam, to cast out Satan and all his hosts, send them into the bottomless pit, into a black hole. And I comand you in the name of your Son, Jesus to fill the hearts of those that are healed so that there is no room left in the hearts of those that need you for evil of any kind. Tell them dear Jesus, tell them, to rise and be clean to rise up and take with them thier day and care not of the evil but bind it with love for God, the Father and the Son, Jesus and the Holy Ghost! I have no name I have no say but only what God says thruough me. Let me not speak these things, let me not have mine will but let Gods will be done not just through me but all human beings in thier animal bodies and let Gods blessings touch the spirit insiide us all. Please god let the day come fast and restore us to our formar glory, that of which it was in the garden. Let the 5 and one half days draw near and let us all be restored. Bless GOD, Bless Jesus, Bless The Holy Ghost and may they bless you.

  19. i who has noname otherthen sinner Says:

    In the name of the Son of God- Jesus, all things be done. Heal lord, those that write and need you. I command all evil beings in the name of Jesus, Son of the almighty God, Iam, to cast out Satan and all his hosts, send them into the bottomless pit, into a black hole. And I comand you in the name of your Son, Jesus to fill the hearts of those that are healed so that there is no room left in the hearts of those that need you for evil of any kind. Tell them dear Jesus, tell them, to rise and be clean to rise up and take with them thier day and care not of the evil but bind it with love for God, the Father and the Son, Jesus and the Holy Ghost! I have no name I have no say but only what God says thruough me. Let me not speak these things, let me not have mine will but let Gods will be done not just through me but all human beings in thier animal bodies and let Gods blessings touch the spirit insiide us all. Please god let the day come fast and restore us to our formar glory, that of which it was in the garden. Let the 5 and one half days draw near and let us all be restored. Bless GOD, Bless Jesus, Bless The Holy Ghost and may they bless you.

  20. Norman Says:

    Have trouble talking above a whisper. I’ve been to several doctors,but no one can figure it out. Can it be a demon? All I want is my voice back ,so I can talk on the phone, and to people . So tired of people judging me because of my voice. Pray for me! Norman

  21. jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

    Father God I bless Norman in Jesus Name. I ask that you will touch His Voice in Jesus Name. Give him insight into this condition in Jesus Name Amen. Norman I feel for your that is very difficult. Keep seeking God for a very clear answer. Possibly in a Dream. Fasting could also help. Bless you.

  22. Sunil Says:

    Great site. I just want to give Jesus for my deliverance and for saving me in time. I was involved in some dark stuff like drugs, pornography, adultery, dishonesty with money/theft, and many other wicked sins. But god has begun a great work in me and have been delivered from it all. I’m in the process of a divorce, jobless and no car, but God is faithful and i know he will restore me back to him. I have recieved numerous miracles and blessings. My advise to anyone is never give in to the devils tricks, fear, discouragement and intimidation. Pray feverantly, without ceasing. Please pray for me for complete deliverance and healing. Jesus Christ is my personal savior and Lord. God Bless. Sunil

  23. Nyakirata Says:

    I just need deliverance.



  25. Winter Says:

    Hi, I am a mother of a son who’s father is currently incarcerated. He has been given double time for such a simple wrong. He was however married at the time I conceived my child. Although I have been raised in the word my faith has began to grow slightly weary seeing my child hurt for his father.
    Lately his father has expressed that everyone that comes close to him has received harm in some manner.
    I know that I am protected by the blood as well as my child. His father feels that someone close such as his wife or his family has put a “root” or “curse” on him,
    All have fallen short- but to be honest this man has not planted seeds of this manner to rcv such things. Now even his child whom has visit him has had some “strange” things happen.
    please be in agreement with me–help pray to tear down strongsholds are broken.
    His name is Foster.

  26. Lion Says:

    Thank you. I will continue to pray these prayers and trust GOD. May the Lord deliver and heal all of you in need of this break through.

  27. KMEB Says:

    I believe!!!!!!!

  28. Jenny Says:

    Hello, my family needs prayers. My husband and I have four teenage daughters. I have been a believer in Christ for about 11 years. I enjoy and feel blessed to be a mom, but cursed as a wife to my husband. During the last two years, he has been very negative with his comments about women. He complains every day about them. On one occasion he stated that he feels cursed with daughters. He stated that in their presence. This hurt me immensely. I told him that all children are a blessing regardless of gender. I told him to stop talking in such a negative, angry tone. I stated that he will drive our girls out of the house, just like his own father did with his children. My husband became angry and used profanities in front of me, but my children heard him from the other room. Now my girls are disgusted with him and doesn’t want to be around him. He is very argumentative and feels the need to win all debates, even with his own children. My girls and I are very disgusted with his attitude. I try to avoid any deep conversations with him.

    Our marriage I thought was pretty good in the beginning. I was quite happy until 12 years ago. He admitted to having sexual affairs with a few women. My whole world was shaken. It felt like a knife in my heart. What have I done by marrying such a man whom my parents objected to? I asked God to forgive me for dishonoring my parents. The truth is that I was naive and stupid. As time progressed, I began to see my husband in a different way. Our marriage bed is defiled and the covenant is broken with God. I don’t desire my husband anymore. I just go thru the physical ritual with him, but my mind is elsewhere. I am asking God what I should do, but there seems to be a great silence. I cry out and tell God my burdens. I daydream about being a missionary somewhere and away from my husband forever. I do not enjoy his company. He makes me miserable.

    I pray that he learns to talk properly to our daughters without insulting them. He does not talk in love, but rather with great bitterness and animosity. I advised my daughters to keep busy and not engage in deep conversations with him because he is very arrogant and nasty with his opinions most of the time. No clue what I am supposed to do. I covet your prayers. Could someone lighten my burden?

    • Prophtess kathy Says:

      Dear Jenny,
      Evil spirit will come upon pple and make them be angry,unpleasant,adultrey is a spirit of lust flesh and eyes evil spirit of pride…Pray for your husband,the bible says we wrestle against powers of darkness,not flesh…its not him doing all this things,its the demons in him…visit you neeed to know how to cast out demons,and prayer and fasting…i believe this is happening so that you discover God’s power.prescece…dnt relie on Pastors praying for you,,you must take on the devil head on collossion!! dnt sleep ,wake up and pray in the midnite!! like Paul and silas in the bible,they prayed at midnite and God gave them a breakthro!! you must pray for yourselve!!!God wants you invovled!!

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Im sorry to hear that Jenny. I agree with you in prayer. If you are in such a difficult situation God is working to heal you deeply. Wait on God for clear directions.

  29. Lourdes Murzello Says:

    I am an orphan living alonein a rented apartment. My landlord is a hindu who has taken me to court in 2007 cos he wants the flat.The case is going on. He is into witchcraft (he gave me sum ladoo & for a week i was out of my mind). In Oct I suddenly got pain & swelling in my feet. All reports for Chickngunia,arthrits etc were normal. Each doctor I was referd contradctd d othr. Now I am on Calcium & D3 tabs but my hands cant press d BP pump[i am a nurse] & i cannot walk fast & climb stairs. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME

    • Prophtess kathy Says:

      Dear Lourdes Murzello,
      Dnot be fooled by witchcraft! God is the only power that can destroy humans…Start praying for your self,its important u learn how to Fast and fast for 3days without food or drink.or daniel fast,juz fruits and water…you will defeat the indian witchcraft.. visit and you will learn how to pray and fast…you must pray in the midnite hour,dnt sleep pray pray pray!!

  30. Anita Cook Says:

    Pls extend prayer for reconciliation and removal of influential persons that cause my husband to drink and go against his wife. Thank you for the prayers that I have read online and for future prayers. I have been blessed!!!

  31. Chan Says:

    Hi ppl. I believe that when a demon rapes you and comes in your dream to be intimate, its called a spiritual husband. This demon takes control of your entire life until it destroys it. It is a very deceivin demon and plays hide and seek games. Many ministers are unaware of it, it also has its own personality. Watch on youtube or google it.

  32. mary Says:

    My husband just left for no reason really. Over a simple argument. I feel like he is different, like the devil is there. Please pray for him. He has been cursing at me and he won’t call me or visit me. Please help me get the devil out of him. We have a 5 year old daughter.

    • Prophtess kathy Says:

      Dear Mary,
      Fast and pray for your husband…dnt weary…visit to learn how to pray and fast…you will also read amazing testimonies….pliz pray in the midnite hour also…dnt sleep…its important to fight the devil,dnt give up…dnt rely on Pastors toomuch.thry ave alot ot do…so take up your armour and shield and pray pray pray….i have done it,that’s why am telling you to get invovled and realy on anyone…but God….

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Add me on facebook Aaron Zachary Odencrans. Or email me at I will continue to pray for you. Father God I ask that you touch this man that is filled with demons and begin to work in his heart and take them out. In Jesus name amen.

  33. Sherri Says:

    I had an affair and confessed everything to my husband in September 2011. He left on September 16th then made my children and I leave the home on September 22nd so he could live in our home. We have been separated since that time. I have been very honest with my husband. We have communicated every day since we separated and have had intimate relations several times but he says that he can never trust me again. My husband has issues that he needs to address also but he is not to that point yet. I told my husband yesterday that we need to establish some healthy boundaries in our relationship. No more sex. I don’t want to live as his wife at his convenience and be nothing to him at others. I truly believe that God will restore our marriage. I think that he is seeing someone and I have told him that when he is done with whatever he is doing I will be here waiting for him and ready to be his wife. I have never doubted that we would be reunited and that our family will be whole but it seems now that things are very strained. I am simply praying that God cultivate within my husband the heart of Hosea and that strongholds in his heart and mind be loosed for him to be open to reconciliation. I am also praying that satan be bound from any negative influence for our marriage in my husband’s life. I am so ready for our marriage to be restored but my husband also has to be whole and ready for restoration. There is a work that God has to do in his life. I am just ready for that work to take place and for us to have a holy and whole marriage. Please pray for God’s stirring in Paul’s heart for our marriage to be restored and for his family and influences to speak hope to his heart for our marriage and for him to desire to be with his wife and children.
    thank you!

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Im in agreement with your restoration. Watch your dreams for clues as to what God is doing there. I believe things are becoming ripe for the harvest of restored marriages.

  34. Rachel fulk Says:

    My husband left our home 8 months ago and is living with a drug person that is 20 years younger. We have been married for 23 years and we have a10 year old son. He was a great dad and husband -and on his 48 b day, he walked out not taking anything. He refuses to contact us and is so angry at me, I am breathing and taking up his air. God has shown me from the first week that he has a demon. I have filed for a divorce, but I do not want this. I have to set boundaries. No support or compassion for our child. He has changed his appearance and his whole sending. I love this man with all my heart and I have been given the grace from god to look past all of this and forgive him. I have learned so much filth about what he has done in the past since he has left,but i still have hope, trust in god, and I am walking in faith .my husband is a good man and loves his family , I know this,but where he is at is every thing he has always hated. I have never blamed him, yelled,or anything because we are not able to talk,he can’t look at me or our child,and god tells me to sit and be nice. I love this man more than I ever have and I know it is for a reason. He recieved the divorce motions 3weeks ago and now he has filed a rebuttal against me stating he wants our son,sole custody and 3/4 of all our estate. He lives 10 miles down the road from our home in a broken down trailer in the middle of the woods. He left our farm,he was our Childs soccer coach and he was building our dream home and just abandoned it all. He was the most loyal ,family oriented man I have ever known and olive him still so very much. My heart hurts for him and our son as well. He changed his number and has not spoken to our son in over 3 months and we have no way to contact him. The only thing he told me was living with me was like a choker on his neck. I don’t like you, I don’t want to talk to you. We have never talked about any thing. We have moved away from our home because it is like a morgue there. I need prayer to help to remove this demon and all this evil. I know that he did the only thing he could do and that was to leave and take all this evil with him. He had too much respect for his family to stay, all the lies and it became too great. He is tormented and full of guilt,but he does not even know I have already forgiven him , he has not forgiven his self. Please help.

  35. Dr Hemant Kumar Says:

    Respected precious people of GOD of Israel and Jesus ChrIst
    please pray for meas my job is at stake.Iam scared any time I might be removed My wife died two years ago and I have the burden of my children.I want you to prophesy for me so that the Lord would undo all the evils powers of the devil which are working against me Iam a believer and working in a nonchristian Institution in India.Iam a DOCTOR by profession and working as the Head of the Deptt.of Pediatric Medicine.THANKING YOU
    Dr Hemant Kumar Prof and Head Pediatrics Bilaspur INDIA

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Praise God Doctor, if you are in danger of losing your job the rapture must be near. Many crazy things are happening these days. I pray that you would be restored in Jesus name amen.

  36. Claytis Says:

    Yahweh has moved on my behalf.

  37. Dr Hemant Kumar Says:

    Thank you Sir for your comments which are really very encouraging ,I believe that LORD JESUS CHRIST would undo what ever Satan has planted against me.

  38. Joe Says:

    hi,i feel like im in a spiritual battle or something in my head,i don’t hear voices,but i am getting thoughts that cant be from me,anywhere from make a deal with the evil one,i said no,worship cats, i said no,you don’t love God,i said yes i do,you don’t love Jesus,i said yes i do,i don’t know whats going on,i feel like im being tormented,in my head,help me please.

  39. martie Says:

    I really learned things here and how to pray to break the yolk of the ancestors in my family and childrens. Lives thank u

  40. alecia Says:

    I am a christian and I am getting a new house soon but I will be needing furniture and appliances in Jesus name. I also need a husband.. And Hope my interview will go smoothly. Please pray for my brother who is involved with a woman who wants only his money- Henry

  41. anthony Says:

    I have left the trying matters pertaining to my wife and myself into the mighty loving hands of Jesus And God. Amen.

  42. Do Long Distance Relationships Never Work Yahoo Answers Says:

    […] […]

  43. violet Says:

    praise the LORD. man of GOD i hav been reading about the holy works of GOD and i believe anything is possible b4 God. i am a young lady with an 11monthold baby gal. im not married but in a relationship with the father of my child. we were planning to get married and have a future 2gether. last month i discovered that he had impregnated another lady and she is 5months now. it was the shock of my life and it realy affected me mentally. i prayed to God 2 help me and i ended up forgiving him. the problem now

  44. carolea booth Says:

    Much needed! !

  45. Benita Says:

    I know that after saying this prayer and believing it my family and I are saved!

  46. linda rumbidzai Says:

    l believe these prayers would restore my marriage.its falling apart.l need help ,prayers,Deliverance

  47. Jim Says:

    Try reading the bible and providing some scriptures. Also try the author Neil T Anderson who is a man of God and represents the gospel correctly. You already HAVE the authority to command the devil away and receive God

  48. Angela Says:

    I really want to thank you for yo website & my friend who directed me. I have a big problem no marriage , no kids pray for me because what I know is with God everything is possible! Help me with prayers dear christians am stranded

  49. d turner Says:

    If we do what the Word says then your marriage Will Work God has called for then marriage to be a certain way according to his word

  50. sandra Says:

    i believe God is the pillar of strength in my marriage.

  51. laura Says:

    hi my name is laura and was not in a relationship 3 years ago, so now i meet these 2 other guys they told me that they like me but i don’t know i keep getting depressed like if they are not that interest in me like how i am into them but i only like this one though. please pray for me. CONFUSE

  52. Beverly Louis Says:

    I really love this.

    • Dee Says:

      6 months into my marriage and everything has fallen apart. My husband does not want anything to do with me. After thinking carefully I have noticed that my relationships in the last 6 years have been ending the same way. One of my ex boyfriends once called me and told me that he had tied me so that I can never be with another man after I left him. Since I don’t believe in such things I did not bother. Now I am starting to wonder. Pray for me that my marriage maybe restored and that I maybe be married legally soon. Before I met this man I prayed and fasted for a good man and I believe he is the one. Somebody please pray for me. I am not born again but I believe in prayer. I have been fasting for the last seven days and I will be starting the Esther fast soon. Please pray for me.

  53. mercyruth njuguna Says:

    I understand ,on m y i have been tormented althrough with m y two boys 10 n 8 yrs ,my husband died three yrs ,i never hv peace every day n nights coz of the attacks pain bad dreams,sicknesses ,finances e t c.i dont know what i fight with f o r almost 10yrs now.i hv seeked h e l p from many pple ofGODbt all in vain,Help pliz

    • Waweru Says:

      you remember u were to pay back my 120 thousands ksh,which i assisted you when you were traveling 4 years ago?To date you have not ed i don have your contact..Av been praying for my money and am sure God will touch you to pay me,as you pray for your financial email..

    • Alekii We Says:

      i will remember you in all my prayers….i used to have unbearable life full of regret,but i realized there is a secrecy in prayers,re-pentiful ed forgiving heart, in all areas of life,God will never abandon you since you are her child,and everything you have lost,will be rewarded encouraged.

  54. Rodah Sange Says:

    Am so encouraged by this prayer may God bless u

  55. Gifted Says:

    I am under threat of an ex lover who wants me back in his life and i do not want to because i am already planning my marriage with the man i love most! the ex is threatening to go for sangomas just to return me in his life! god help me, what can i do to stop him?

  56. Gloriasuya Says:

    I need to be delivered from the spirit of backwardnes,lust and afflictions. And help and teach me how to pray.

  57. Ragodoo Says:

    Amen! To GOD BE THE GLORY! Please pray for my brother DANIEL and sister-in-law VANESSA MARRIAGE. Thanks

  58. hilda Says:

    i belive this prayer can bring complete deleverence to my husband and i restored our marriage.

  59. nabina jacob Says:

    you prayers have touched me,i request for your prayers

  60. Dee Says:

    Please pray for me and my husband. Married 20 years. Six years ago he became addicted to crack, I stayed and prayed as long as I physically could. I gave up, I couldn’t handle the porn, the stealing, no money, all the lies, in and out of jail and the drug use. I left him, I gave up, I thought I was being a Godly wife instead I became an enabler. I left, he got sober, I didn’t trust him, I didn’t want to keep getting hurt. Now he is still clean but he has taken my name off our business, turned off my cellphone, no more medical insurance, gutted our house and living with another woman. He stopped our divorce, he says he wants our marriage, but he blames me for everything. This is not the man I married, I tried to kill myself over the stress and arguing. Please restore my husband to a Godly husband, please remove the woman he is living with, please pray for us. We both made bad decisions, I have repented. We need prayer warriors to intercede and I need strength. Thank you for any and all who read my post.

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      I love you Dee bless u and believing for your marriage. I want to speak a blessing of hebrew knowledge on you. I see you learning hebrew and its a strong sense. Learning that or something to do with hebrew roots will bring you around. Email me at
      or call me at 320 272 4162

  61. kathleen Says:

    I want to say thank you thank you thank you to Ancient ekadu for everything so far. To everyone who doesn’t believe in spell, I was one of those ones at first. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do this since I’ve tried others so-called spells casters and they did not work and was a waste of my time and money. However, when I read through the testimonials of other people at this website and after I talked Ekadu who answered all my questions and was very nice about everything, I decided to give it a try. I figured it would be my last try to get my guy back. So my story is that I was at my office when the guy I am in love with told me that he wasn’t in love with me and never will be and that he didn’t want to speak or see me again, especially since he was talking to this other girl. When I talked to Dr ekadu, he let me know which spells would be most appropriate for me and I chose the ones that was to get him back to me and stay with me and want to marry me.As soon as he started on the spells, my guy came back into my life! It was a miracle to me and I’m so thankful for that. Things have been going well, and pretty much according to what Dr ekadu said would happen. He’s always there when you need him and that’s also after the spell is done. I’m still waiting for the spells to completely manifest, but with all that has happened so far I’m very happy because given only four months ago in March, if you asked me or my friends if I would have anticipated how things were right now…no one would believe it! Lara. contact is email address Kathleen

  62. Thembeka kanase Says:

    My fiance his very lustfull ,his fooling around sleeping with girls. Sometime he he cries out in his dreams. He never rest when he asleep. His always scared of unknown. I pray he may be saved.

  63. anndreen Says:

    hi really need you to pray for me and my family . every june my marriage is cause please i asking you to pray over it for me when it comes to the month of June something always happens. my hus have an affair which lead him having a child with that person . and i take him but every june something must go wrong between us.



  65. Jean Says:

    I have just found the site and have read some of the posts and saw that other people were having similar problems to mine. My husband and I have been seperated almost 2 years now and i filed for divorce. There was hardly any communication between us and he would not spend anytime with me as his wife. I love my husband dearly and would do everything to assist him and his family. I felt used and abused and my self esteem fell very low. A pastor told me to drop the divorce suit and trust God to restore my marriage. My husband told me that he wants his marriage and that he did not want any divorce, but he is not acting like that. He seldom calls or visit me even though we live five minutes from each other. I’ve been praying and fasting but sometimes I get very weary and lonely. Please, I need help in prayers from others for God to give me the strength and patience to wait on Him. May God continue to richly bless and guide you.

  66. Paul Says:

    I had an affair a few years ago. After my wife found out she had an affair. She was so engrossed that she wanted to end our marriage. Thank God we stayed together. However, now she no longer wants to be with me as a wife. I dont want to follow the same path again. Please pray that God will break the chains of separation preventing her from being my wife.

  67. Rudy Says:

    Please pray for me, my name is Rudy. I have been tormented since childhood by lust demon. it has ruined my marriage, and brought me very low.

  68. Becki Says:

    Please pray for the restoration of my marriage for my husband to return to the Lord and to me and our son. He left nearly 6 months ago and has hardened his heart against both God and me. Satan has blinded him to the light and the truth, he is in bondage to so many things. Thanks


    Thankyou, the good LORD will richly bless me and my husband who has been suffering from hemoptysis for a year. He has been healed a month ago by the angles of my MIRACLE WORKING GOD. They uprooted the demon with chain and were thrown away in river Jordon. THANKYOU GOD, THANKYOU JESUS & THANKYOU HOLY SPIRIT, amen. GOD is always good.

  70. hemant kumar Says:

    I have had great experiences in the presence of our God of Israel through his son Jesus Christ Amen

  71. Gloria Says:

    Thank you that prayer for apparently either I don’t know how to pray because all the things I touch or have a relationship all of my life.For seven years now I have tried to be obedient I have not drank liquor or been disobedienr to our lord but my life was horrible before in sin.But iam seeing my life is getting worse God said he would not give us burdens that were to heavy fir us to carry.I feel like a human pinata always being hit by people for no apparent rwason and these burdens are way to much for me to carry anymore.

  72. Sancharrie Says:

    I just want to share my experience and testimony here.. i was married for 7years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture he started hating me and he was abusive. but i still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost then he filed for divorce my whole life was turning apart and i didn’t know what to do he moved out of the house and abandoned the kids so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster so i decided to try it reluctantly. although i didn’t believe in all those things then when he did the special prayers and spell, after 2days, my husband came back and was pleading he had realized his mistakes I just couldn’t believe it, anyway we are back together now and we are happy in case anyone needs this man, here is his email address His spells is for a better life.

    His name is Prof Dumga

    Email address:


  73. Megs Says:

    May God help all marriags and keep us strong and alert for His coming.
    God bless you

  74. Fezile Gama Says:

    By Faith , It done in Jesus Name!

  75. Mateus Says:


  76. Deanna Says:

    Please continue to pray, I did these prayers about 2 months ago and they worked immediatly! My husband and I have been making great progress on restoring our marriage. These demons are trying to come back, the woman he was seeing is trying to get him back by playing guilt tricks on him. I am his wife, God blesses my marriage, please pray with me and agree that she will stay in jail and as far from my husband as the east is from the west! He has been clean and sober for almost a year, I will not this this man again. Please pray for Nick, he is my husband and I love him. Now I want us to reconcile 100% and live together again and be trustworthy to each other and God.

  77. Grace Says:

    Thank you





  80. shaida Says:

    God has really been good to me and I ask that u would ols keep my marriage and family in your prayers

  81. patience Says:

    i need to be delivered from spirit of anger

  82. Janet Henry Says:

    I was just searching for something in the spirit that could help and and found this site… through reading, it has been good. I know that we are living in warfare times and seeking the face of God is what christians should be doing as the times are evil. Please pray for me that I do not fall because God is the awesome!

  83. karl Says:

    My name is Karl,6 years ago I got a divorce from my wife, she was very very cold to me the last two years I had very bad anxiety and insomnia,did not no what to do prayed constantly for help,ended up leaving the town where we lived abandoning my 7 children,i am now back in the same town trying to reestablish relainshonships with my children,but it seems a spirit of depression/anxiety has returned please pray for a forgiving spirit to come upon my children and restoration to come into this situation,please pray for spiritual/emotional healing to come upon me that I wont have this spirit of fear and shame upon me,please pray for my kids that the spirit of abandonment be severed in Jesus name,that the forgive and trust again.If any Prayer warriors out there get a prophesy on this matter please let me know.
    God Bless all of you who seek Gods Path.

  84. Winnie Says:

    Praise God! Am Winnie from Kampala. Please pray for me so that the curse that prevents me from getting married is completely banished. I have a dream of incest that i believe is related to the curse. Please pray for me to be completely free. Amen.

  85. Carolyn Says:

    I have been cursed with misfortune my whole life. How can I find out who did this?

  86. Maribell Rivera Says:

    Dear God,
    Keep my marriage from falling apart again. My husband came home after a year and a half. We now been together again we Love each other. He is still texting and calling a co-worker. She does not leave him alone. Jesus please remove this women from his job, his mind, his body, soul and heart. Let him stay with me his wife and two boys. Lord hear my PRAY. AMEN

  87. jay Says:

    Please pray that I can be restored to God’s spirit, as my sins have separated me from Him. The void is unbearable, and I am physically and spiritually sick. I don’t want to continue this way, but I don’t want to die like this either. Please ask Him to help me. Thank you

  88. MR Says:

    I pray to have all foul language, cursing and anger issues removed from my husband. Also, Im afraid the boys will hear this and starting cursing at the house. God help us refrain from cursing at all. Never curse, yell or scream at one another.

  89. lakiesha walker Says:

    I believe by the stripes of jesus christ this will help me in my husband in our marriage I have faith that all things is in the hands of the lord

  90. lakiesha walker Says:

    I pray that the lord put trust love peace happiness into my marriage in use me in my husband I pray that the lord take away the bad language out our mouths for the sake of our childrens in keep all exs in family members out our circle I pray that we come as one in submit ourself to one another In live righteous before the lord

  91. lakieshawalker Says:

    Please pray for me in my husband for.we have been goin through it every since we got married he use to call his exs in tell them he love them in want to be with them I have for gave him in still loved him three months later his ex wife move back to dallas in move un with his Sister he started mess with me so that he can move our there to I for gave him I have got tired of it in cheated with my ex after my husband brought my ex back into my life I have told my husband them truth because I’m tryin to live right before the lord in he said he for give me I went in prayer in ask the lord to for give me now every time my husband get mad he throws it up in my face he go around tellin his family in exs lies about me but he say he love me I still forgive him in still stand strong in this marriage afterwards my husband tried to fight me in church I still forgave him he moved back home for only a week in moved back to his sister House knowin his ex wife stay there etc now a few months go by its still the same now I ask him to come home he said I have to wait until his babymama move down here to get the kids when she’s not suppose to be around the kids in they been stayin with his sister while he was stayin with me in my kids but he wants to fight me infront of my 9-6 year old sons he still say he loves us i love my husband in pray that he will change he want go get his wedding ring fix but buying everything else now he’s talkin about a divorce because he’s lyin on god in to me about not having a facebook in he always lyin saying its something wrong wit his phone when I call but when I’m in front of him his phone will ring n he want answer it please pray for us I think someone have a cruse on him to where he is a cheater in liar I really do love my husband in pray that we can get it right in live righteous wat must I do then he joined a church where his exs gos

    • glg Says:

      He who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, no fornication for divorce counts. His first wife is his only wife. He needs to go back to his first wife in the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

  92. lakieshawalker Says:

    I know as long as I walk by faith in not by site god will have his way

  93. nancy Says:

    Pray that the lord brings my husband to his knees. He has walked away from the lord and is still talking to the women he had an affair with and its been revealed that the girl he works with is after him. He has been distant and angry with me and not talking. I see conviction in him, He wants to talk to me and may want to separate again. Please come against the lust of the flesh and adultry and the pride of life. roots of bitterness. Pray for my wisdom and revelation in this there is a definate strong hold that needs to be removed in jesus name. he has delt with this for years.

  94. nancy Says:

    regarding the comment above my husband did say he is gonna move out. Please pray for the seducing spirits and dthe spirit of delusion to be cast out and he comes to the end of himself and for laborers to come into his path to minister to him,

  95. Seth Says:

    Please pray that the Lord will deliver, cleanse and purify me completely from pornography, lust and masturbation. Pray for deep repentance from these sins. If there are any demons involved in this, pray for complete deliverance from those demons. Pray for purity for my heart as well, because if there are evil spirits involved in this, I must have been the one who opened the door. Pray also for deliverance, cleansing, purification from any other sins I didn’t mention or am not aware of. Thanks.

  96. Abel Says:

    I believe that what God has put together let no man separate, with this in mind I declare my marriage out of bound for Satan and his demons of distraction. I also ask God to give me strength to forgive my wife for all distraction and torment she has brought into our marriage and family. And I bind the strong man and his demons who are working overtime to destroy my family. I declare my marriage holy before God and pray for his wisdom to deal with the situation. I close all doors through which all demonic influences entered with the blood of Jesus Christ and I pray for healing in my marriage and my family. I also pray for repentance for me and my wife. I also ask the holy spirit to flood my marriage and give us direction in our lives. I also claim my wife from her unGodly ways and bind the spirits of blindness in her life. And I stand in faith by God’s promise that He will answer our prayers when we ask. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

  97. nails4him Says:

    My husband and I have been in a poor marriage for all 36 years we’ve been together. Communication, the lack of, is a huge culprit. I became a Christian 17 years ago, and things have only gotten worse. Clearly there are demons at work in my home. Our children are grown, and both sons have drifted away from God and do not have a relationship with Him. My husband will allow me to read a devotion in the morning and he goes to church with me on Sundays, No fruit other than that. He criticizes me for many, many “little” things, picking on my character and assuming the worst of me. He is more like an enemy than my partner, very unsafe. I prayed the above prayer and I’m believe God for healing.

  98. vathiswa Says:

    Please pray for my mrriage. I’ve been into so many different churches. Ministries,pastors but there is no deliverence. We were curesed by a (coleeque) whu planted a itcch craft on my bed and I saw it in my dreams,nxt thing I saw her live doing it bt I was blinded and did n’t knw wat to do.we r now sleeping in separate beds n don talk 2 each other.I hate him ,ii don’t knw why.

  99. Sue Says:

    please help me. i am in a customary marriage and my husband is so impossible. he has cheated on me several times and i forgive him. He is not gainfully employed and most of the times he is not working and im the struggling bread winner. but he emotionally harrasses me all times. whenever his cheating issues come up he wants me to keep quiet if i raise the issue up he resorts to emotional blackmail. we have fought so many times and ive cried so many times, he is an unbeliever. ive prayed and fasted to God regarding my marriage but i dont seem to get a clear message on what God wants for this marriage. we have two children and they are what keeps me alive. ive made plans to leave my husband many times but since he isnt working i always feel bad that he wont have any means of support. im so angry at him but every time i make plans to leave him i feel so much heart break i cry days and nights and end up deciding to stay. right now im at a point where i feel i should just pluck courage and leave him regardless of what divorce will do. i feel ill be better off divorced than with him. im so hurt i cant explain it. Please help pray for me or seek God’s counsel concerning my marriage. alone i might make regretable decisions.

  100. jessica Says:

    My husband has been having an emotional and physical affair off and on for over a year now… i read and prayed these prayers out loud but i know he wont pray it with me. Can someone please agree with me in this spacific prayer… i have two mobths to see if he wants to stay with me or go with her and i love him enough that im not giving up… i need help and we need prayer

  101. Cheryl Says:

    Hi all

    Indeed to Jesus be the glory. there is no other and never will be any other God. he is able to heal and love us unconditionally despite our many many wrongs. I love him very much for that.

    please pray for me and my family, I was born into a Christian home so the word of God is very close to my heart, however not so with my hubby. he is a very good man and he loves our family dearly but I am afraid that he leaves the role of priest in the home to me. I am an attorney who submits to my hubby as I believe this is what God askes of us woman. But it scares me that I may be the only parent for my children’s salvation. like I said my hub by is a wonderful man, very committed and dedicated to our family although he ahs a very short temper which at times he can be verbally abusive. I come from a broken background so being humble and keeping quiet is what I do best. I am no good at confrontations.

    my eight year old daughter has a terrible case of vitiligo although no one in either hubby or my family has it. she is on tons of medications and I pray over her daily but I feel like I am the only one, I don’t have my hubby praying over her. that’s why I feel like l am the priest in the home and that’s not right. my daughter’s conditions is worsening and at times I get so angry at God for allowing this to happen to her. Please help me…I don’t want this anger, I just need for my daughter to get healed, she is still a baby with terrible vitiligo all over the body especially her face, cheeks and eyes. please please pray for me or help me with a Word. many thanx. God bless you for the work you are doing in giving him the glory.

  102. Sha Constantino Says:

    When I see so many people wounded with affliction from the enemy and seeking solution from God but can’t find his grace power in many churches, it breaks my heart. I too have searched and the enemy will definitely attack you in your dreams. Dreams will reveal where you are spiritually. Can a Christian be demonized? Oh yessssss! There is a church that is highly persecuted but believe me the fire power of the Holy Ghost is there. When I sleep ANC leave on their prayers from their web site, I would see the demonic attackers fleeing and screaming for fire. Look up SCOAN!and please ask The Lord to reveal to you his hand on thus ministry because many so called prophets n bishops have persecuted this ministry and ended up giving to go the ministry to receive down right true manifested deliverance. God does not fight against his kingdom but the enemy fights against light. Prophet tb joshua. Please look up. Met of the tine we have incubus and succubus/spiritual husbands and wives that attack us. They call then night visitors and the refuse to allow u to gave a settle home. It will cause hatred and all kinds of affliction to destroy the marriage or prevent it. If also attacks the seed. Research and pray if you feel unsure of what I’m saying. God bless all!

  103. Nombulelo Says:

    After my spouse paid lobola (dowry money ) he was retrenched he can’t get a job we emailling and send faxes but nothing I need your prayer points that will release everything I have to maintain the household and my salary is too little for a family of 8 people

  104. Annette Says:

    Please pray that my husband is freed of his drug bondage and the bondage the evil people have on him that keeps him from his family. In Jesus name amen

  105. A SINNER Says:

    I feel that I have a curse on me,I have been in and out of several relationships with women,But I seem to be very bossy,over possessive and jealous, I am now with my fiance but I bashed her up because she wasn’t being honest with me even though I know that she will never cheat on me I seem to get angry for very small things without any reasonable reasons,Please pray for me to Love her like how she wants to be Loved,and treat her with respect she deserves,I want to be free from my bad behaviors towards her,,Please Pray For Me.

  106. Stacy Says:

    Please keep my husband in prayer as he is a pastor and is battling many demonic spirits. I have been standing in prayer for him during our separation because I know the annointing that is on his life and I believe that God is going to deliver him. He is truly decieved right now by the enemy and is totally blinded to his sin. I’m truly praying for God to totally deliver him and to restore our marriage.

  107. mike Says:

    The KEY is LOVE! And Love is The Torah For the Torah(5 books of Moses) shows us how to love God and our fellow man! Messiah came to offer salvation for sins thus destroying the work of Sata. Satan has hidden the key by changing “laws and appointed times back in 426AD when Rome’s constantine I. “universalized” the faith, up until now now that the spirit of Elijah has come to to make straight the Ways of the. LORD. Turning the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. John revealed the Key of Knowledge to us when he said “how do we know that we love God? We follow His commandments.” Yahshua also said “think not that I came to destroy the Law ,I’ve come to bring the Law to Fuller meaning , for I tell you not til heaven and earth pass away shall one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law and the Prophets.
    Yahshua also so said My Doctrine is not that of my own but is the Doctrine of my Father in heaven.
    Remember not everyone who says lord lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but those who do the will of my father in heaven for many shall say lord didn’t we prophecy in your name and cast out reminds in you and do many mighty works in your name?? And I shall declare depart from me you workers of lawlessness I never knew you

  108. mike Says:

    I got an awesome revelation tonight! Was reading a fB group post that was talking about what makes a person chosen after answering to Gods call. That a person actually chooses to be chosen when they seek Yahshua with all their heart soul and mind. While reading that part the Teacher showed me that when I was in my studies seeking to confirm whether the restored Names and the Torah were still of importance and of truth, that at the point I chose to set in my heart that they were (which just so happened to open a flood gate of chain reactions and revelations) That is just what was happening. Pretty cool. Well there’s more…

  109. mike Says:

    Ok what is the Father Son and their righteousness going to be the focal point of? The Kingdom of Heaven! “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you!” “The Kindom of Heaven IS already here yea, even at the door.” If only we seek with all heart soul and mind inwhich a waiting bride does of her coming groomwhom she loves the same! His word is true! And He never forgets his covenant! Messiah said that the father seeks those who worship in spirit and TRUThh

  110. Nuna Says:

    I ask that you pray for me and my husband as we are in the stages of divorce, He has left our house to be with his lover, i have been praying the hedge of protection and having faith he will return. I keep praying and i still feel as though i’m not doing it right but i have this God given feeling he will return him back to our family. Please hold me and my family in prayer

  111. Adel Says:


    I seriously need help, I love GOD so much but nowadays I see myself cursing GOD. Married for 6 years without a child. 2012, a spirit pressed me down while I was sleeping and ever since then my marriage has been going down. Suffering from spirit husbands too. Am just so confused about my whole life. My husband told me he doesn’t want this relationship no more. Am so scared….

  112. Tee Says:

    Hello All,
    There has been a separation demon in my parents home. They have been divorced for years now. My mother was told of this and I have went and annoited the house, it seemed to be restored. Now my brother has moved in and it seems as though it is back and heavier thsn ever and is showing on my brother more and more. I’m wondering if he is spiritually holding this spirit. He won’t come to church and my father hardly ever stays in the house. What is the next step to removing this? My God.

  113. Alfred Armstrong Says:

    I need you like no other I need u to pray for my love life it not going good with me

  114. Wilkes Booth Lincoln Says:

    May the Name of God be praised and blessed throughout his creation by as many beings, in as many places, and in as many appropriate ways as possible within the scope of His Holy Will.

  115. karl casias Says:

    AMEN and AMEN Will perfectly stated.

  116. Meghan Says:

    please pray for my marriage. My husband and I separated 3 months ago. We are both saved but we did not live our marriage by the word of god. I can see that god separated us to show us that without him we will fail. But my husband keeps going back and forth. one day he says he wants to stay married and the next day he doesn’t. Please pray for god to save our marriage.

  117. Hani Says:

    Plz pray for me, I have been stuck in a bad situation for 7 years now, I need a way to free myself and solve my problems

  118. joann Says:

    Pls pray for my marriage I husband left us for another women how he as child with I’m pregnant and I have a daughter with him I’m fasting and praying and trusting god bt sometimes get discourages by his actions pls help

  119. Natasha Kennedy-Glazer Says:

    My marriage has been dissolving for many years, my husband fights demons daily with his mental illness and addictions. I filed for divorce and asked him to leave as I could not take anymore! Then a friend of mine gave n e the power of a praying wife, wow, not only had my heart been hardened from all the years of pain but I wasn’t praying correctly. I knew now it was all in Gods hands. My husband left about 3 weeks ago moved in with a women he met 3days prior and is free to do drugs and the women is bisexual. I know the devil has a strong hold on them both. Please pray for my faith to stay strong, my marriage to be restored, the devils evil to be removed from my husband, the devils evil to be removed from the other women, pray for my husbands salvation♥ Thank you, threw Jesus precious name Amen♥

    • The favored one Says:

      Hello Natasha,i will be praying for you and also for your marriage to be restored.please contact this church for prayers…

  120. jacklyn Lewis Says:

    I need some relief in prayer for my adulterous husband Wayne . My family need some unity; love peace and forgiveness.

  121. shoba Says:

    I pray for my husband to return home to me and my 2 kids , please help me Lord

  122. Stephanie Says:

    Please pray for me my marriage is in trouble. I am praying with all of you..

  123. puna1127 Says:

    I Greet you in name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, man of God please I needs a breakthrough or deliverance , please pray for me and my daughter, I moved to this house that I bought in 2011 since then I and my daughter we always fighting and arguing I even called the police for her to resolve our issue the way it was so serious since we moved in this house and another thing is that my daughter she cannot sleep in the house the demons, evil spirit are attacking her during sleep every day and so I decided to move her to another place with one of my friend because she was writing her final exam last year and she cope with her exams and she passed matric exams very well and now I don’t have money to take her to University to continue with her studies and now she’s back at home the problem is starting again and we decided to fast and pray and ask God to remove all the demons, evil spirit as specially spiritual husband are attacking both of us and It seems as if we are making things worse God is not answering our prayer and I’m not giving up until God answer our prayers I will keep on praying and I also do a mid-night pray, but not every day and I know that I cannot pray maybe that is why God cannot answer my prayer I’m not saying God cannot hear me maybe it’s me that I do something wrong I don’t know, because problem are becoming worse every day I do have lots of debts because of this house, I cannot pay my account are on arrears now, I don’t even pick up my phone calls because of the creditors are phoning in they need their money and I cannot pay them, since I moved in this house I fixed Geyser three times in that house now I don’t even have the money to take it back cause I must pay the transport to take that Geyser back to be fixed and I do not have the money .
    Every day something else difference become broken-down I cannot even buy food or clothes to wear for my daughter the last time I bought some clothes for my child was 2011, another thing is that I’m working for the IT Company that has no growth for African(Black) people and since I was working for this company 2010 we never had upsurge, increase in our salary even bonuses and now we needs your prayers for my African colleagues of mine because we are in the same ship that is sicking in the ocean to get other Job and the are other colleagues that are more than 7 years with same salary no growth, no increase I’m praying for us to get better Jobs and for me I do apply for another Job and I never receive any reply or even unsuccessfully reply to all the post that I apply for and Please man of God pray for me to get a Job to one of the government post that I applied three weeks ago ,I need that Job desperately name the of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    I think the some devil, Demons and Spiritual husband I can fill physically entered in my body when I immediately enter in my bed and the following day I said to myself let me change the side of the bed it became worse the dream attacks me during sleep very much. So please man of God pray for me and my daughter to remove the curse from us and the devil’s, demons attack we need a serious deliverance. please pray for me is feel as if someone has put a curse on me keeping me from getting into a good relationship every guy I meet it end up leaving me without any case or problem this have really started to depress me, so if u will please keep me in your prayers that this will be remove and that I can find my husband, I need to have my own family, I don’t want to end up like my mother who never got married or have a husband and I meet this guy and he was crazy in love with me he end up introducing me to his parents and his whole family, we started to try to have family and I got pregnant twice and I miscarriage twice, when the doctor checked the cause of the miscarriage nothing they find I was well and healthy ,the was nothing wrong with me and then after his grand-mother’s funeral he just disappeared without no reason he even left his clothes behind and I went to him at work to found out what going on he said nothing he still love the nothing wrong, that the last time I saw him and he sometime sent me a massage telling me that he miss me and I decided not reply to all his massages and I don’t even pick it up his phone calls and I don’t know was going on with my life because this is my third boyfriend doing the same thing including the father of my daughter since I was born I never been happy in my life I needs a serious deliverance and I don’t know what is wrong with me cause I’m faithful to them and I’m the one who end up hearting. I suffered now is time for me to get a deliverance by fire by force in name of Jesus Christ. Please man of God help me I been stuck 39 years of my life I’m sick and tired of the life of suffering, I some time scared that I will die unhappy.

  124. Gloria Says:

    I believe God is with me to intervene into my marriage and to be freed from doing errors.

  125. Briseida Says:

    Please pray for my marriage/family to be restored it’s been a couple years that my husband and I have had our ups and downs for the past year things have gotten worse to the point of him leaving he has been out of the house for 3 months now and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back please pray that god may deliver us from this wrath that has come upon us that our marriage may be restored for my children to have their at her back so we can be the close and united family we were intended to be, that whatever should not be with in us be gone in the name of Jesus Christ

  126. Sharon williams Says:

    Pleasd pray for me.I come from a hindu background and born again now 4 23years.need prayer and guidance from the holy spirit.

  127. carolyne mutinda Says:

    pls pray for my family and also my marriage

  128. carolyne mutinda Says:

    lord is my provider……

    • kamelle Says:

      I come to you and im asking for prayers when me and my husband got married it was thr perfect marriage once we got out on our own my husband drew away from me every time we have a a rguement he turns to other females he feels like its ok as long as he does not have sex with them I told him this is not ok and is not of god and of marriage he tells me just about every other day that he doesn’t want this no more so i have started to turn to god my husband has demons he fights daily Iask in

  129. The Flash Says:

    Those prayers against demonic spirits r ok ,,, but they will not give you full authority to get rid of them. You forget SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL …thats the most important prayer to get rid of evil spirits.

    Even in the movie the Exorcist which was based somewhat on a true story …the priest said many prayers which only calmed it down for a while, but it never went away until they called out to ST SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL and then it was over.

  130. Stella Says:

    Please pray for my husband, lust of the eyes! It become impossible to go any where because of this! He keep on denying that he is not doing it! My daughter was so shocked when she til me she saw with her own eyes the way my husband looked st other woman! It is for 26 years now( this problem) please pray !

  131. sandra Says:

    Is there any way of getting rid of ancestral memories?? I seem to be stuck in the wartime, and feel my Mother’s memories as if they are my own Very strong and powerfully emotional! I lived in England and France as a child, so wonder if I picked up their memories??? How do you deal with this?

  132. Gloria Says:

    Please pray for me to find, a Godly man to marry me some day, one who is a faithful provider, a one woman man, who will respect me and accepts me for me, a man who wants to grow old with me, a good man who does not believe in divorce who will work through our problems together. My heart is broken, I almost felt like giving up, I have tried to find a good Godly man, but only to be recently deceived, and let down he came to me as the angel of light and then left me when I started having trust issues, but I have not given up hope that someone is out there for me, to share life with and grow old together putting God first in all things, for God is a perfect match maker and satan is a liar.

  133. hrisna Says:

    Please pray for me that i and my lover reunite again. we are seperated by our parents as we both belongs to two different caste. our parents are not able to understand the emotions due to which my lover is being forced and threatned to marry someone else.lord please open their eyes jesus. please dont seperate us. This pain is unbearable lord. we both love each other but only because his parents doesnt like me due to other caste he is moving away from me.i dont want o loose him lord.please help me..i am totally disheartned and shedding into tears.

  134. Thembeni Says:

    Im asking for prayers, the devil is destroying my relationship with God, my right standing, im a woman who loves God and who want to work for Him. The problem is I always fight with my husband, he just leave me in the house without informing me where he is going , when I contacted him, he does nt answer his phone, then when he comes home drunk, I will start yelling on him and cursing him, pls help me, im a 2nd year Bible study student, but now I think I should syop praying because it seems im living two different lives, pls help me, what should I do, I have anger that I left my job and now I dont get employed too

    • Lovelymissbris Says:

      It is in those moments when you pray earnestly do not give up! Psalm 51 is my what I go too, pray with your name and your husbands. Don’t yell or curse him act in love scripture says we are to act in love and love others, start loving him don’t yell that will only make things worse. Fast and pray for your husband with God all things are possible.

      At the foot of the mountain, a large crowd was waiting for them. A man came and knelt before Jesus and said, “Lord, have mercy on my son. He has seizures and suffers terribly. He often falls into the fire or into the water.

      Jesus said, “You faithless and corrupt people! How long must I be with you? How long must I put up with you? Bring the boy here to me.” Then Jesus rebuked the demon in the boy, and it left him. From that moment the boy was well. Afterward the disciples asked Jesus privately, “Why couldn’t we cast out that demon?” “You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible. ” (‭Matthew‬ ‭17‬:‭14-15, 17-20‬ NLT)

  135. Leonard Netser Says:

    Please pray for me and my wife. We had began sexual experimentation and our sex life included various fantasies. After each episode, I would let my wife know that I had no real intentions to pursue what it was we fantasized about. My wife, however did carry out one of her fantasies and had a brief affair with another man. This was 8 yrs. ago. Now I have much difficulty to forgive her even tho I know it was partly my fault. I also have began hating the man my wife had been with, to the point of wishing to threaten to kill him. Since the adulterous summer, I have had health problems after health problems. I have a lovely family with grandchildren and do not wish to end this in divorce. I do want to get my marriage back and in closer relationship with God. Please pray for me and let me know of your prayer by email to

  136. David Moalusi Says:

    I just need help with the resolution of my life problem all what I wish just job can u please help me with your prayer to find job

  137. Hilsie Says:

    Please help me pray for my marriage. My husband has strayed away and all he does is continuous lying. I Can no longer trust him and this is putting a strain in our relationship and it’s beginning to affect me psychologically. I Just want him to be faithful again and be the God fearing man being faithful to God and us.

  138. susan Says:

    I need your prayers for restoration of our marriage..which now is nearing divorce.I want jesus to act between us and unite us together forever with his power.Amen

  139. monique Says:

    I need a strong prayer for my home an husband to get rid of the evil spirit because I’m losing him thanks

  140. Brenda miller Says:

    Please pray for my husband and the sins he has continually embraced over the years. In can trust Jesus only at this point. The lying to me is what is most hurtful. I pray he let’s god in his heart.

  141. John Says:

    Please pray for me have been to so many native doctor for help due to manipulation from my household enemey and i want to be free from that spell the native doctor scat on me,am not myself anymore and i need help and i want all this to end..please pray for name is John

  142. barbara Says:

    My husband is committing infidelity and I want my marriage restored. We don’t communicat anymore, he is sharp with words and criticism. He have multiple women call on his work phone. I need prayer for my marriage.

    • lakieshawalker Says:

      Please keep me in my children in yalls prayers we need it each in every day I need prayer to be redeemed On Jun 6, 2015 4:07 AM, “Kings Prophets and Intercessors” wrote:

      > barbara commented: “My husband is committing infidelity and I want my > marriage restored. We don’t communicat anymore, he is sharp with words and > criticism. He have multiple women call on his work phone. I need prayer for > my marriage.”

  143. MELISSA Says:

    Good Morning

    My husband has been having an affair and now he claims he loves the other women please pray for the restoration of my marriage and for us to be united again as one and for the other women to be removed from our lives forever. And for us never to be separated or Divorced.

  144. Hemant Kumar Says:

    Dear brother in Christ Praise be to God .Friend to be very frank nothing has happened .I still ask you to continue praying for my job May God bless Dr Hemant

  145. Maria Says:

    Prayer request.
    Sister be delivered.
    Her marriage be healed.
    The plans to divorce be broken.
    She seek the lord and savior.
    My brother in law be healed from the anger my sister has towards him.
    Thanks Maria

  146. David and Cassandra Samuel Says:

    Please pray for my husband and my marriage…..we have allowed the enemy to come in through discord my husband has left with no communication for four months….we need Gods intervention immediately! Thank You!

  147. goldbook Says:

    my mother brought home a child molester, moved him in he started molesting me at 12..many years my mother would not believe me this man was evil and he worship the devil..i saw a lot of things supernatural things. he hated me because i exposed him and would warn all the kids. at 14 i came home to find him standing next to my mother with a jar in front of her with what looked like rose buds a big one and a small one with roots growing from them in a thick green fluid they did not sink to the bottom , immediately
    the word mother and daughter came to my mind. i have been told someone put a curse on my life, my mother and now my daughter have hated me for years my first love was killed by landing on a pick ax. my life has been one tragedy after another have shared this for years with every minister i met. i have lost so much in my life but i have also felt that God has been with me.

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      God bless you sis you are a blessing. Wow thats very interesting that this guy put a curse on your mother and daughter relationships. God is saying that you are highly prophetic and your Understanding in the Lord is what the devil is after. The relationships are secondary to your Relationship with Jesus. And discouragement has been the devils plans to destroy your heart. I ask right now that because you told me these things angels will be released on your behalf to undo the yokes of burdens. I see a Vision of you Flying with Golden Wings, and you are wearing White, and you are able to rescue many women from the hands of the enemy because of your calling. God wants to give you female relationships that will help with undoing the power of the enemy. And you will use your multitudes of gifts to reach them and help them. God is going to give you some major dreams that will help the entire Body of Christ. Remember to listen close and document what the Lord tells you because its ALL important not just what you understand. Please keep in touch my email is and my facebook name is Aaron Zachary Odencrans. LOVE U IN CHRIST :D

  148. Ntombifuthi Says:


    I”m 41 years old, been married for 8 years now, n children. Since we been married my husband has been cheating and we have’nt had intercourse for three years now, over the past year we started sleeping in different bedrooms. The last time we had sex he said he can’t feel anything and then that was it. I have been praying and God revealed to me that there is a demonic king attached to my husband to control and manipulate his life (i known that my husband’s family have been feeding my husband demonic food to control him since even before we got married, to try and stop the marriage but through the grace of the Lord that did not happen)

    The Lord also showed me that there’s a woman that my husband made commitment to(spirit wife), this was revealed to me in a dream. He sometimes looks at me like he does’nt know me, like i’m a stranger, sometimes like i disgust him and at times he will not talk to me for ays and all of sudden he will call me uggly and refer to me as granny, just out of the blue. Well i know that the demon talking, wanting me to get angry and leave my home, well i will not but for how long will this situation persist, because i have been praying for the fruit of the womb, how’s that going to happen without intimacy and intercourse? I’m also worried about diseases as he has other woment that he has been sleeping with since the course of our marriage. What about HIV and other STD’s?

    We also have businesses, all our businesses are loosing money, and lots of it. My husband’s company assets lke trucks, tractors, and otehr vehicles have been repossessed. My clothing shop nobody comes to shop and i have to pay rent, salary, lights et and there’s no money coming in. I’m faced with closing down but i don’t want to close down because God promised He will help me and give me an increase.

    Please pray for my me and my family to be delivered from the plans of satan, as sometimes i feel like there are things attached on my back and on my shoulders, however when i engage into a warfare prayer i get a relief but after a while they come back.

    Please pray for me as my life has been stagnant for years now and it seems as if life is oing backward

    Kind Regards
    Patience Ntombifuthi Mbongwe

  149. msstillstanding Says:

    Thank you for this site.Please pray for me and my children my life has turned upside down for three years.I have strange dreams that seems so real.I pray for protection over myself,children,and family.I feel like I have been cursed and also have sex demons.At one point I thought I would lose my mind. Oh But God…is it a curse or is God molding me for Greater?Please help.. God Bless

  150. Emmah Says:

    HI I receive prophecy says I have cotton wool in my nose that says in spirit am dead person. Can you tell me what to do because my life is not moving at all my career ,my business I don’t have kids ,my marriage is not okay at all.

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