Kings 1: Good and Evil Kings of Israel and Judah

Good/Evil Kings

Jeroboam, bad, 930-909 BC
Nadab, bad, 909-908 BC
Baasha, bad, 908-886 BC
Elah, bad, 886-885 BC
Zimri, bad, 885 BC
Tibni, bad, 885-880 BC
Omri (overlap), extra bad, 885-874 BC
Ahab, the worst, 874-853 BC
Ahaziah, bad, 853-852 BC
Joram, bad mostly, 852-841 BC
Jehu, not good but better than the rest, 841-814 BC
Jehoahaz, bad, 814-798 BC
Joash, bad, 798-782 BC
Jeroboam II (overlap), bad, 793-753 BC
Zechariah, bad, 753 BC
Shallum, bad, 752 BC
Menahem, bad, 752-742 BC
Pekahiah, bad, 742-740 BC
Pekah (overlap), bad, 752-732 BC
Hoshea, bad, 732-722 BC


Rehoboam, bad mostly, 933-916 BC
Abijah, bad mostly, 915-913 BC
Asa, GOOD, 912-872 BC
Jehoshaphat, GOOD, 874-850 BC
Jehoram, bad, 850-843 BC
Ahaziah, bad, 843 BC
Athaliah, devilish, 843-837 BC
Joash, good mostly, 843-803 BC
Amaziah, good mostly, 803-775 BC
Uzziah, GOOD mostly, 787-735 BC
Jotham, GOOD, 749-734 BC
Ahaz, wicked, 741-726 BC
Hezekiah, THE BEST, 726-697 BC
Manasseh, the worst, 697-642 BC
Amon, the worst, 641-640 BC
Josiah, THE BEST, 639-608 BC
Jehoahaz, bad, 608 BC
Jehoiakim, wicked, 608-597 BC
Jehoiachin, bad, 597 BC
Zedekiah, bad, 597-586 BC

9 Responses to “Kings 1: Good and Evil Kings of Israel and Judah”

  1. James Johnson Says:


  2. Gary Says:

    David, Saul, and Solomon, were the first kings of the United Kingdom of Israel. The kings shown above are kings of the divided kingdom of Israel.

  3. Will Enoch's prophecy of the 70 "shepherds" of Israel culminate with Netanyahu? - Christian Forums Says:

    […] […]

  4. R.C.Fraley Says:

    Why isn’t King Saul and King David listed ? R.C.Fraley

    • PastorMT Says:

      King Saul and King David and also Soloman were of the United Kingdom of Israel.. They were the first kings. The Kingdom divided afterwards.. Where there we 2 Kings one of Judah and one of Israel northern tribes. All the kings of Israel were bad kings. With only 8 in Judah being good kings.

  5. Arden John Reil Dormitorio Says:

    King Jehu is not a bad king. He destroyed baal worship in Israel but he allowed idolatry the golden calves in Bethel and Dan

    • Jason Haigwood Says:

      I’m with you. Bloody entry into kingship, sure. Did he win the prize for “best of show,” hardly. But he was FAR from a bad king!

  6. Alex Vega Says:

    Loved this site. Concisely done.

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