Leviathan 1: The 7 Heads

This is Arthur Burks Stuff I don’t get the Leviathan Thing yet, he hasn’t really released a clear cut teaching on it, but here is what I gleaned from his material:

7 Heads of Leviathan

1. Light/Color
2. Weather/Water
3. Devouring Vs. Creating of Life
4. Time
5. Sound
6. Motion Fluidity Synchonization
7. Essence

1. The first head of Leviathan has to do with the breakdown of communication, not only with each other, but with nature. The release of the righteous head allows us to communicate accurately with words, but even more so by spirit to spirit communication with each other and nature.

2. The second head
deals with weather. On the EVIL side, weather destroys the plans of God. On the GODLY side we have authority over weather and the wisdom to rule over it effectively.

3. The third head is commonly called entropy.
When the righteous side is manifesting, decay in nature is radically decreased or stopped.

4. The fourth head is about time
and when we walk in dominion over this head, time is multiplied. We accomplish far more than we would expect to with less effort.

5. The fifth head is the devouring of electronics
and the warping of sound. The righteous manifestation is that the pure sound of heaven serves as a tuning fork and nature comes into right alignment on the cellular level.

6. The sixth head has to do with challenges in mobility, and when God redeems this head, He makes a way though nature when there is no way.

7. The seventh head is the alienation of our spirit from all other spirits, especially the spiritual dynamics of nature. When this head of Leviathan is sanctified, every spiritual dynamic in nature is working in harmony. The land is releasing its spiritual strength to us, as are the animals, as is the human community without fear and without unholiness.

First Head of Leviathan
… See More
Unrighteous head — evidence of devouring
Teamwork and communication break down when information does not arrive. Trouble with logistics.

Root Sin
Busyness doing things, failing to do the right thing or what you are supposed to do for four reasons: 1) greed 2) unwilling to pay the financial price for obedience. 3) get more emotional gratification out of something else. 4) emotional pain involved.

Righteous head — What makes us unstoppable in doing kingdom work
Inside information that you are not supposed to have, and it makes you strategic. You are far better than your team deserves to be.

Our obedience
Our obedience to do the specific things that God has called us to do. When we are doing what we are supposed do and are where we are supposed to be, doing the specific thing that is assigned to us this day, the door is closed to Leviathan and the broken communication that produces a broken play.

Second Head Of Leviathan

Unrighteous head — evidence of devouring
Devouring in transportation and transition. transportation problems, cars, airline travel, parking tickets. Brutal job changes. Bruising experience changing churches.

Root sin
Relying on and trusting in our own high competence.

Righteous head
God makes a way where there is no way. Driving a car that should not still be running. Being in the front of the security line. Having your luggage arrive with you. Peacefully living in one place.

Our obedience
Accept assignments from God to do the impossible. Being willing to show up with no possibility in the natural of doing any good. He goes before me, and he makes a way. I am helpless, foolish, abysmally incompetent, but I am obedient. Then I moved to the blessing of God making a way when there is no way.

Third Head Of Leviathan And Electronics

Unrighteous head — evidence of devouring
Defiled electronics. Chronic problems with electronic equipment of all sorts. Equipment goes down at inopportune, expensive times, which results in broken communication, broken relationships, anxiety, projects that don’t get done on time, embarrassment, etc.

Root Sin
Refusing to put yourself at risk when God commands you to move out of your safety zone. Looking to a human being for your security or trying to be God to another human being. Fear is the core issue. Parents are trying to be God to their children, trying to provide the ultimate safety net and trying to meet all their children’s needs instead of having the children obediently pursue God, embrace risk, and learn how to receive from God the resources necessary for their wellbeing. The flip side is that children are content to have their parents be God, their safety net, their source of provision.

Righteous Head
The sound of heaven driving the demonic out. No longer have to do warfare because where heaven is singing, the demonic will not stay to listen. The sound of heaven when it is released on earth is incredibly powerful and keeps things in heaven aligned. When preaching is with an anointing of the Spirit, when God adds a sound that goes beyond the words, beyond the anointing, that is the expression of the righteous head of Leviathan.

Impose responsibility on the second generation so that they are at risk, so that they have to experience God for themselves. Lay down your savior role and stop being God to the next generation, both physical seed or spiritual seed. Cry out for the great power of the worship of heaven being expressed on earth. “Our Father which are in heaven hallowed by Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Fourth Head Of Leviathan

Unrighteous Head — evidence of devouring—
Defiled time. Time is devoured in a day or a lifetime. We can’t get done what we need to do. You work hard, and at the end of the day you are exhausted from the effort invested, yet nothing got done for all your effort.

Root Sin
Behavior will be rooted in obedience instead of passion for God. Holiness driven by duty rather than by love of the Father. Satan convinces us that God is violating our boundaries, taking away from us things that are ours, pushing us too hard or asking us to do something unnatural, or ignoring us, doesn’t care and isn’t excited about what we have done.

Righteous head
Our time will be blessed, and we accomplish far more than we should. The right things are in the right place for more than normal amount of productivity.

Passion for holiness that releases us from time being devoured. Not obedience, not legalism. Passion for holiness means there is a revulsion for sin. That authority enables freeing up of bondage on time.

Fifth Head Of Leviathan

Unrighteous head of Leviathan — evidence of devouring—
Being controlled by the weather. Catastrophic weather and weather patterns.

Root Sin
Religion in the Bible Belt is empowering Leviathan in its devouring. Religious spirits seek to control God for their own purposes, reduce God to a formula. If you do “this,” the guaranteed result is “that” in a specific time frame that you have chosen.

Righteous head of Leviathan
Walking in a blessing of presence where the weather works for you instead of against you. Elijah controlled weather. Elijah wanted to see God honored and his righteousness flowing. The majority of his miracles revolved around the weather as he walked in high authority in this head of Leviathan.

Obey instantly because you are obsessed with the nature of God and with people seeking him for who he really was. It is rooted in passion to defend God’s reputation. Control of the weather is incidental. If you are walking in instant obedience to the prompting of God’s Spirit and if you are passionate about defending his reputation, you will have significant control over the weather. Be intense about your relationship with God and desire for people to experience that relationship.

Sixth Head of Leviathan

Unrighteous head of Leviathan — evidence of devouring
Experience deterioration instead of durability of our resources. Tangible possessions and resources wear out significantly more quickly than others in ways that are clearly supernatural and demonically driven.

Righteous head of Leviathan
Possessions supernaturally last longer than they should.

Root sin
Failure to love and steward the land. Some people just live on the land. Other people love the land. Inattention to land speeds deterioration. An empty building or parking lot deteriorates more quickly than one that used.

Love the land and exercise stewardship of the land. The dominion mandate was the first command given, and the command was for man to go out and to fill the earth. God placed great treasures in the land and he wants righteous, intimate relationship between man and the earth on which he lived.
1. Observe the land. Focus on the Father’s heart to see land from his point of view.
2. Then care. Jeremiah 12:11 says the whole land will be laid waste because there’s no one who cares. God will move in judgment because of apathy of people who are living on the land but not caring about the land.
3. Engage in doing something for the land. Learn to care for the land in the same way that your Father cares for the land.

Seventh Head of Leviathan

I don’t have this handy. You can probably find it on Arthur’s website.

12 Responses to “Leviathan 1: The 7 Heads”

  1. Ann Says:

    hi, this is so great, i am at head seven, where the Lord is really cleaning out all other interferences with the Holy Spirit, I walked through a fiery stage with this spirit….. Arthur Burke has a fresh approach to healing the human spirit, something that was hidden from the church for long time – by religion of course.

  2. Nat Says:

    The seven heads of Leviathan is also found in Proverbs 6:16-19 “There are six things which Jehovah hateth; Yea, seven which are an abomination unto him;

    1- haughty eyes,
    2 – a lying tongue,
    3 – and hands that shed innocent blood;
    4 – a heart that deviseth wicked purposes,
    5 – feet that are swift in running to mischief,
    6 – a false witness that uttereth lies and
    7 – he that soweth discord among brethren.”

    If you see these things in your life or the lives of those around you chances are that the spirit of Leviathan is at work. I am currently dealing with this spirit personally and have found so many great resources online. This spirit is actually a principality and we need God’s power to deal with it or we will be destroyed by it. This spirit burrows in the “self” part of men, in the soul and prevents spiritual breakthrough and intimacy with God. It also hinders revival in the church. Google “the spirit of leviathan” and you will find some excellent and biblicaly sound teachings.

  3. jim k 4 now Says:

    I had a dream and saw 2 large snakes in the water, signifying the water being either church or religious world, one of the snakes was watching and looking to enter a life seeking god in all truth, the other snake incredibly large was just swimming freely in the religious world and unchallenged. All serious followers of the Lord must always be on guard from other lives who are in the congregation with some very dangerous values and ways in their hearts and who do not care to be made aware of their dire need for deliverance or salvation of the Lord. I was at a church and after a lot of talk about tithing and being blessed in material things, the scripture came to mind in peter of children foolish with covetous practices and who are following the way of the accursed just like the prophet Balaam who was for profit instead of righteousness and what is honorable. I wonder why is there such less talk on character and dignity and manners and purity, these are true riches.

  4. Robin Lawrimore Says:

    I searched and found this tonight when we needed it for strategic prayer. Thanks for posting.

  5. Andrew Says:

    There is nothing biblical to back this up….not even in the Greek like it got lost in translation… Where are you getting your information because it’s not scriptural

  6. Keri-Lee Says:

    Andrew, I suggest you check out Arthur Burk’s stuff http://www.theslg.com , starting with Redemptive gifts (there is a lot of free audio and articles). The best way to get to the source of a specific teaching is to go to the source.

  7. Richard l Nelson Says:

    Thomas Hobbes completely turned the true meaning of Leviathan to show that this sea beast represented the Common Wealth Nations, being of great power, a power of good. When Leviathan is seen in its true form, especially Job 3:8, along with Job 41, we then see a sea beast that represents evil, pride and power and is also found in the New Testament. Mr. Burks interpretation is no different than Mr. Hobbes, leading those from the truth of Leviathan.

  8. Jairos Dozva Says:


  9. As He Is So Are We Says:

    If no one has seen this this is the link for Arthur’s teaching on Leviathan: http://www.theslg.com/Joy_Unstoppable_p/sw_ju.htm

    I personally haven’t listened to it but have heard references to it in other teachings.

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