Redemptive Gifts 1(Primary Redemptive Gifts): Teaching Arthur Burk Condensed

The 7 Redemptive Gifts

Just as the 3 Kingdom Shapes give revelation of the Soul of the Body. The 7 Redemptive Gifts give a description of the Spirit of the Body. The 7 colors of the rainbow match up with the 7 Gifts. And give revelation on each. Each individual has a Primary Redemptive Gift as their personality gift. As well as Secondary Tertiary and Quaternary Gifts. But really the Primary is where most of the revelation of the DNA of Destiny lies. Here is a quick description of the 7 Gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8.
This is the Gift that is the most creative by Design. It is the Gift that lines up with the First Day of Creation Let There be Light!!! This is the sudden unction and quick learning process of the Prophet. There are many with the Redemptive Gift of Prophet in the bible, including, Ezekiel, Peter, John the Baptist, and Sarah the Wife of Abraham. Each of these personalities gives clues as to the Heart and Character of the Prophet. The Principal behind the Prophet is Design. This is best seen by the nation of America with the Redemptive Gift of Prophet. We are always the creative force behind the world scene. Both with modern technology, weaponry, videos and media etc etc. Nikola Tesla was actually a Redemptive Gift of Prophet the inventor of the electric motor. He saw things a hundred years into the future far before they were able to be worked with and used. This gift usually has incredible social issues and traumas based on issues within relationhip. Always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Even though if you look at their life over the course of a long period of time. They are able to lead a very strong pattern of right choices even when very much defiled. The Prophet is the most able to do Sacrifice and Praise in concurrent action. Both the ups and the downs of the emotional roller coaster belong to the Prophet. The letter to the church in Ephesus gives a clue to the weakness of the Prophet, focusing on good works while forgetting the heart connection with God. Peter was so focused on doing what he felt was right, he was unable to see Gods Perspective on things. He died the most harsh physical death of any of the Apostles. John the Baptist was also martyred. The Prophet makes so many people angry with their incessent pushing forward that it usually gets them into trouble. Visual revelations also belong to the Redemptive Gift of Prophet. All the core revelations about the Kingdom have to be built on the foundational Principle of Design. George Washington Carver the inventor of many products related to the peanut was Redemptive Gift of Prophet. He was able to break down matter and reform it into another type of substance. This is essential for the Principle of Design. To be able to weave together Concepts into New Ideas. Taking what is old and bringing it into the Newness of the Breath of God.
The Redemptive Gift of Servant is essentially a Platform Building Gift. It is used to create a way for something else to shine Brighter. At the core of Servant is the ability to make a place for someone as awesome as God Himself to dwell. This is about home making as well as community making. The weakness of the Servant is allowing others to take advantage of them. They work the hardest of all the gifts but they don’t guard their boundaries well. There are many ways for the Servant to function and operate in the Kingdom. They are not simply a helps ministry but someone that can Shine Light on an area that was before hidden. They can cause things to happen with their Principle which is the Principle of Authority. Mother Teresa was Redemptive Gift of Servant, and she at the end of her life had amassed enough Authority to tell a room full of world leaders what God thought about the poor. She was very effective into bringing funds into Mission Work, though being a Catholic she loved the poor with all her heart. Another Servant was Nathaniel. When Jesus said “Here is an Israelite without any Guile”. He was speaking directly to the heart of the Servant Gift. He was able to see the Greatness in someone that probably did not think much of himself in the flesh. Also the step father of Jesus, Joseph was Servant. He was able to lead Jesus into a carpentry work life that taught Him even how to live in this earthly body. That role in Josephs Case caused Jesus to have a HUGE platform of success. And Great Authority. The Servant Gift is able to have incredible Authority over the Spirit of Death. It says in the second letter in Revelation. That the Servant would not be hurt of the second death. In our reality currently that partially means Authority over Premature Death.
The Redemptive Gift of Teacher is the most Religious and Old Fashioned of all the Gifts. While a Teacher that is balanced maintains a healthy Sense of Humor while focusing on Pure Doctrine. The Table of Shewbread in the Temple represents this gift. As it is Designed to cause the Spirit Man to grow through healthy nutrition. Teachers are able to use the Principle of Responsibility. While very dangerous in the wrong hands (The Jews in Jerusalem were both Redemptive Gift of Teacher). It can cause an amazing amount of Revelation to be seen and acted upon. Ezra was Redemptive Gift of Teacher and provided the Voice of the Nation in the face of all the opposition. Luke was also teacher and wrote based on his Medical Perspective on the Gospel. He was able to assemble the Book of Acts as well as the Gospel of Luke and through this Documented 2 important pieces of Church History. The Prophet Isaiah was also Redemptive Gift of Teacher and spent most of his time alone in quiet and writing. He was able to see a Grand Perspective on the Messiah just alone in his room. The 3rd Day of Creation also speaks of the Redemptive Gift of Teacher. As the Seed Bearing Plants produce Seed. Also the Redemptive Gift of Teacher brings life to dead seeds. And starts a growth process where there was no growth before. The Color Yellow matches this Redemptive Gift. And Yellow is both the Color of Fear and the Color of Gold. The Teacher can experience great trepidation and fear while dealing with things in this life. But also when Overcome this can become a piece of Spiritual Gold in the experience.
The Redemptive Gift of Exhorter is the most pronounced Vocally than any of the other gifts. While the Prophet can stumble over his words and speak at the wrong time, the Exhorter is skilled at public speaking and speaking the right things at the right time. The Exhorter can be carnal when immature, (The Blond High School Cheerleader that talks too much), but when done well it can be incredibly world changing. The Apostle Paul was an Exhorter, and Jesus while having all of the gifts was mostly an Exhorter. This is the gift that is called “A party looking for a place to happen”. It is also the Center of all the gifts being number 4. And the color Green is all about the Life and Abundance that resides within the Exhorter. The Principle behind the Exhorter is the principle of Sowing and Reaping. When an exhorter lacks Wisdom they will begin to abuse themselves and relationships around them. Using the Principle in a negative way. The Apostle Paul overcame this and even said his teaching was not of “mens wisdom” but was of Gods. The Prophet Jeremiah was also Redemptive Gift of Exhorter. He and the Apostle Paul along with Jesus Himself experienced the most consistent persecution of any of the gifts. The 4th letter to the Churches reminds us that Sexual Temptation is one of the downfalls of the Exhorter. From what I have studied the Exhorter has the highest Sex Drive out of all of the gifts. When you line up the 10 commandments and plug in the Exhorter the Commandment that is most easily broken is “committing adultery”. When the Exhorter avoids Sexual Sin, keeps a lid on their mouth with Wisdom, and uses Relationships to benefit the Kingdom rather than themselves. They will go on to be very powerful people in the Kingdom.
The Redemptive Gift of Giver is the Gift of Stewardship. Mostly a Financially based Gift. It is the one that causes the most Resources to Flow in the Natural. The Redemptive Gift of Giver uses the Principle of Stewardship to release the Kingdom at higher levels than before. Job was a Giver and through his trials was able to get more than he had at the beginning. He actually stewarded his nothingness in his trials to form a Testimony with God that was overwhelming. The 5th Church in Revelation also shows the negative side of being “Dead”. Those that have the Redemptive Gift of Giver tend to spiritual deadness more than the other gifts. The State of Minnesota is Redemptive Gift of Giver and there is a cloud over the state that causes Spiritual Oppression. The answer is repentance and holiness. As Jesus said to the 5th Church those that Overcome will be worth to be clothed in White. The stains of sin can hold the Giver into a state of Rebellion. Abraham and Israel are both Redemptive Gift of Giver, and as Abraham was Faithful, Israel as a whole was not. And you see that Giver both Births a New Thing, as well as can hold onto the New Thing beyond the point where God wants us to. Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac is simily to Job’s trials and tribulations. Givers tend to go through harsh trials for a BIG payoff. Job got his family and possessions back many times over, and Abraham birthed the nation of the Messiah. The Redemptive Gift of Giver needs to learn to stay alive spiritually as well as Sow Wisely because the money will almost always be there. When they do they will effect great change and Generational Blessings. The Jar of Manna is the Spiritual Object that lines up with the Gift of Giver. And it shows how Provision was given consistently by God.
The Redemptive Gift of Ruler can be the most intense of all the Gifts. The Principle behind Ruler is Freedom. Which is what the Ruler tends to struggle with the most. Nehemiah was a picture of the Redemptive Gift of Ruler and caused the walls to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. The story of Joseph is the most complete picture of the Gift of Ruler. With his original pride about his dream, to his being unjustly cast into prison, to his coming into his Destiny and saving his family. God uses the Redemptive Gift of Ruler to accomplish mighty tasks in saving people from wreckage. The Institution of Teen Challenge is Redemptive Gift of Ruler and they are no joke. When you come there you absolutely give up all rights for an intense training period. The Redemptive Gift of Ruler is all about Creating Systems that will cause life to flow properly. Solomon was Redemptive Gift of Ruler also. And he was able to Create a System for the building of the temple that no other man was able to accomplish. He had Wisdom along with Wealth. And when he was younger he used Wisdom to deal with human relationships and judgments. The 6th Letter to the Churches is Philadelphia which means “Brotherly Love”. It is very interesting that this church and the Servant Church were both given the greatest honor by Jesus. They walked in Love and accomplished the greatest praise from the King. The Redemptive Gift of Ruler is also associated with the Ark of the Covenant. The 20th Century was the Ruler Century and we can see that it was very intense with a LOT of Righteous Deeds Done. The Redemptive Gift of Ruler at its peak can save a Nation.
The Redemptive Gift of Mercy is the crown jewel of all the Gifts. It is generally an emotionally charged healing gift but it operates with Alignment in mind. The depths of the Mercy Gift are Designed to cause Heaven to Come to Earth in Alignment. The 7th Spiritual Object is Josephs Coat of Many Colors. The Rainbow is Essentially a Mercy Season attribute. That is why God is releasing the Revelation of the 7 Redemptive Gifts here and now in the 21st century. The Apostle John was a Mercy and it shows the incredible depths of Love he had for the Savior. He leaned upon His Breast, and was close to His Heart. Just like the Redemptive Gift of Exhorter, there is a physical intimacy aspect of the Redemptive Gift of Mercy. I feel that many men with the Redemptive Gift of Mercy struggle with homosexual temptations. The story of David is also Redemptive Gift of Mercy. He was able to bring Worship into an intense powerful place in the Nation of Israel. And that intensity of Worship is still something we look to in these days with the Redemptive Gift of Mercy, and the Mercy Season. David also had a sexual sin issue in his life, and we can see that Exhorter and Mercy both usually struggle with sexual issues. The 7th Principle for Mercy is the Principle of Fulfillment. As one comes to the place where God is God and everything is ok even when its not a complete picture. You operate in the Principle of Fulfillment. God is not A plus B equals C all the time. And there is a lot of things in the Redemptive Gift of Mercy that are mysterious. We are currently in the 21st Century in the Century of the Mercy Season. And many things that were once hidden to the Body will be brought back in fullness. Dreams Visions and Prophecies will be poured out by the Latter Rain and there will be a Mercy Season Revival especially to reach the Homosexual Community. The color Violet is the Color of Mercy and is also related to Royalty.

This is my Dream Testimony in a Nutshell

This is a series of dreams I have had over the years that I want to share with you as a Testimony and to explain some of the things that will happen in my life as well as in the Body of Christ as these dreams come to pass. I was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit in the year 2000 and was baptized in water in 2003. I started out as a charismatic and have been to many different types of churches. Through this process of being part of the Word of Faith Movement. In the church that was named First Love Fellowship with Pastor Phil Larson. His story and mine as well as many others are weaved together through many of these dreams and revelations. During the mid 2000’s there was a surge of revelation as to the problem with the “Name it and Claim it” type churches and doctrines. As the economy began to shift and began to crash. People realized that the promises of wealth in the Word of Faith was out of balance with Truth. And found some of its extremes to be false. I had a dream around the year 2006 as I was going to a strong Word of Faith Church. And in the dream the “Name it and Claim it” church was represented as an “Old Filthy Broken Down Megamall”. And in the dream I woke up in the closet of one of the stores in the mega mall. My shoes were on the wrong feet and I think I lost my socks. This represented my spiritual condition in 2006. Then I walked outside the store and found a circle, one homosexual man and the rest women. And this group was trying to “Find me a girlfriend”. I told them “I don’t want anything to do with you” and left. Actually in this church, there was a homosexual man and a lot of women that would stand together in a circle. I literally saw this in the church after dreaming about it. And I knew the church was not right. Then I walked trying to find the exit in the dream. And I ended up in a filthy bathroom going past a turnstile. I saw Pastor Phil with a plunger lever trying to unclog the toilet. It was making an awful sucking sound as he moved it up and down. I pointed at him and said “That won’t work” and got on top of the turnstile trying to escape. I was unable to leave as the door turned into a brick wall. And I moved on top of the turnstile on my stomach with an invisible cushion for awhile. After what seemed like a long time a Square Window opened above my head. And I saw what looked like a beach. With palm trees and an ocean. And cool sea water went on my face and I felt “Refreshed”. After this happened suddenly I saw a HUGE TIDAL WAVE. And it formed and came towards the Filthy Bathroom. As it crashed in I went under water and got on my knees and prayed in tongues. A bubble formed around me and I could breathe underwater. Pastor Phil and what I heard were a bunch of women were screaming “AARON HELP WE CANT BREATHE”. Now this dream gives me a clear picture of what I have to go through. The beginning has already happened. And in 2007 I told Pastor Phil what hes doing “Wont work” and left the church. And from 2007 until now I am in the waiting period before the “Window” opens up above me. Now Pastor Phil was an extremely spiritually abusive pastor. BUT he believed and experienced some of the Gifts of the Spirit. I believe that AFTER the tsunami I will be able to minister to Phil and help him understand what exactly the Will of God is after this time. Now the Tsunami I believe is the mixture of the “Blessing and Judgment” of the Hand of the Lord. Jesus cast out demons with the Finger of God. But the Hand of the Lord is the Father waving his hand over a situation and dealing with the circumstances. Right now we are in the waiting period before a Severe Judgment that starts at the house of God. And Pastor Phil himself, even with his stubbornness, has had an open vision that explains what will happen in his church. It was around the year 2000 and he was inside of his garage. Suddenly after sitting down to rest he was “In a Vision”. He was preaching in his church, he couldnt remember what he said but he was preaching and “Pointing the finger” at the audience. After seeing this suddenly the doors of the church opened up by themselves. And the Holy Spirit knocked everyone in the church over row by row. Until the invisible force came up to Phil and hit him in the chest. And he was knocked back 10 feet onto the stage. After this happened he came out of the Vision. Now after this over the years he has spoken about this Vision while he was preaching. And thought that this was actually the power of God striking him empowering him to do miracles. When in fact this is God rebuking him for “Pointing the Finger” at everyone else. Now there are Many moves of the Holy Spirit. And each one is unique in that it involves a different set of people and gifts and miracles. And I believe that the Move of God that is about to happen through the course of the Tsunami Dream coming to pass. This is called the “New Breed Movement”. Now to understand the New Breed term you have to know a little of the recent prophecies that have come out of the Word of Faith. Kenneth Hagin Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland have all prophesied about a group of Christians in the Last Days that would be empowered to a greater level than the Early Church. And do “Greater Works”. Kenneth Copeland even recently had a prophecy where he said “A New Breed A New Breed A New Breed of Spiritual Warrior is in the Earth”. The New Breed Movement is the fulfillment of years of Spiritual Prayers and Training in the Body of Christ. Especially to gather the Lost and bring Revival before the Rapture and time is up. Now in 2004 before I knew about these prophecies I had a dream that in the Beginning I heard God say “The Devil is Scared of the New Breed”. This was a Word of Wisdom about the Power that we would walk in in the Last Days in Revival. In the Dream I was wearing a White Suit and was able to Teleport. I felt like electricity. Now I know this was a dream and I didn’t literally teleport in the natural. BUT I believe the New Breed Believers will EVENTUALLY see Every Type of Miracle Possible. Just recently in 2013 I had a dream where God said “After this Very Difficult Transition there will be Miracle After Miracle”. Another dream I had I believe lines up with the “Window” and the “Cool Sea Water”. In this dream I was walking uptown Ogilvie at night, and the sirens started going off. I started praying in tongues and it was like I was being “Filled Up” with the Holy Spirit. I heard God say “Run Home”. And I was about to but then the Sirens STOPPED. And everything went calm and I woke up. Through meditating on the Tsunami and trying to be prepared for it. I was thinking about the window opening and I heard God say “Im going to give you 1 warning before the Big One”. I dont believe its a coincidence that after hearing this I had a dream about “One Warning”. Now putting these 2 dreams together I can clearly see that the Window is about to open. And it will be refreshing, BUT the Warning is that the Tsunami is going to come RIGHT AFTERWARD. And I will be forced on my knees to pray for the ability to Survive the Tsunami. I believe that through this process of God judging the Name it and Claim it False Megamall Church mentality there will be a FRESH Move of the Holy Spirit. The Islands Beach represent the NEW MOVE just as the old megamall represented the OLD MOVE. Now I had another dream that possibly gives a clue as to the “Results of the Tsunami”. I was with my Friend Neal Robyn. I actually had this dream and saw him before I met him in real life. In this dream we were in a time of revival. I couldn’t see anyone else in the room but there seemed to be more people also. And Neal had his finger in the air and was preaching and saying “Alright you Fireballs Lets Go Out on the Streets!”. I was swaying back and forth with my body as the “Flames of the Holy Spirit” came off my body. This dream seemed to be a clear picture of my Ministry Relationship with Neal Robyn. He is going to be a very key man of God for the Revival that is about to happen. He isn’t a pastor but seems to have the gift of Exhorter and Teacher both. I bring the Newest Revelation while he is rooted in reading from the Church Fathers of the Reformation and earlier. Not sure if his Redemptive Gift (Romans 12:6-8) is Teacher or Exhorter. So there is going to be a “Great Revival” before the Rapture of the Bride. In one of my dreams God spoke to me that it is very difficult now for the purpose of the “Maturing of the Bride”. Many things will transpire AFTER the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Not sure if this is just happening in Minnesota or its going to be also happening around the world at the same time. In one of my dreams God spoke that “What is coming will be like 1000 Pentecosts or 1000 New Americas, and Every Nation will get a chance to do what America did”. Because of the Time that we are in the 7th Season of the Church Age. The Time of the Laodicean Church. We will experience the blessing of the Latter Glory the Promise of the Last Wine being the Best Wine. More of the Gifts of the Spirit than any era in church history as well as the most accurate understanding and doctrine and study of the Word of God. For we are in the time of Maturity. The Church is no longer to be tossed to and fro by every wind of Doctrine. But to be settled in the Manifestation of the Wedding Dress of the Bride. Without Spot or Wrinkle. And I don’t know about ALL the moves of God that are to come, but the New Breed is going to be part of the Wave of the Father Revival. First was the Revival of God the Son. 1517 with Martin Luther who was a White Man. THEN in 1906 William Seymore brought back the focus of the Church to the Holy Spirit. And finally in 20?? probably very soon, a possibly Native American man will bring back the Revelation of the FATHER Revival. This pattern is also the pattern of Christian Growth in God. Starting out with Salvation and Water Baptism with God the Son. Then moving onto the Understanding of the Word, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Worship with God the Holy Spirit. And FINALLY moving on to Christian Character and Love with God the Father. The Church has had to go through this process of Faith Hope and Love. And we have finally reached the 7th Season of the Church Age when the Revelation of LOVE will be released and change the hearts of many wicked to receive Christ. And when I receive the FRESH BAPTISM of the Holy Spirit I believe I will walk in the OFFICE of Evangelist. As my personality Redemptive Gift is that of Prophet. My main Ministry Gift will be that of Evangelist. And I believe I am to help release people INTO being a 5fold Minister as well as directing them into the Higher Things of God. I am to minister to the Body of Christ in “Raising People Up”. In my dream about the events I am now going through. I finally at the end beat satan in a chess game. And was suddenly wearing a White Suit. I then began to prophesy saying, “I Am Raising up the People of God, I Am Raising up the People of God, I Am Raising up the People of God”. After I said that 3 times the devil and all the demons lit on fire and burned up. I knew in a previous dream that after going through this spiritual warfare I would make it to the “Waterfall”. The area before this break through is where I dealt with some sin issues in my life and is where I am at right now. Hopefully soon I can beat satan in the “Chess Game”. And finish out this scenario that is being played out and Move Forward. I want to be able to have evidence in the testimony of my Future Wife as well as the other testimonies involved in this that will bring others to the same understanding of Dreams Visions Prophecies and the things of the Spirit.

I had 2 very clear dreams about God bringing blessing back to America. One of them God told me in the dream “Keep Praying its working”, and then I saw a piece of coal crushed into a diamond and God said “America will deliver itself”. An earlier dream I saw a female duck with broken arms and legs sitting on the ground. And there was a song being played that sounded like Amazing Grace, but the words were “Living in a nation bruised and battered and that refused to shine…., and then I saw the duck get healed from her illness, and then find a husband and get married. At the end I saw 5 Ducks going to the Altar in Wedding Garments.

With these two dreams in mind, even though we are now experiencing the Judgment that Begins at the House of God. As well as judgment on our nation for the acceptance of Abortion and Homosexuality. Gods Plan for America includes this difficult time as well as a time of healing and restoration and blessing. I believe the 5 Female Ducks represented the 5fold Ministry, and they were coming to the Altar. They were restoring the Relationship between the Bridegroom and Bride. As well as restoring the Church to her greatest place of Fulfillment.

Now to keep this in balance I also had a dream about the 40 year cycle in America. 1969 was Woodstock which represented Rebellion. And then 1973 Abortion was legalized. David Wilkerson received his Prophetic Vision of America in April 1973. I had a dream in 2009 where I received a Post Card, and it was very large and unfolded into a picture of Death Valley. In the middle was 2 demonic figures. One on the Right was standing up and dressed in Red. This devil figure had a staff with a top with flames coming out of it. And on the Left there was a demon that was sitting down. That was painted all white and had black glasses on. In the dream I heard God say “David Wilkerson Vision 40 Years”. This means that David Wilkersons Vision has completed a 40 year cycle. And the 2 Ditches are where most people are. On the Right Side represented by outright Evil and Satanism and Open Sin. And the Left Side represented by Hidden Sin and a False Sense of Religion (White). Now that we are in this condition it will get more and more difficult until the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit happens in our day and breaks us free from the curses. I believe we are knee deep in the Judgment Season and its possible it will last throughout 2014 and 2015. I believe there will be a food shortage and a time of deep repentance for the Body of Christ. To where things straighten out again.

My friend Michelle Ellison had a very positive dream about the Judgment Season we are in. In the dream her and a group of people were on a narrow path. And on both sides was LAVA, and she knew in her heart that if anyone fell in they would go to hell. The path was winding and twisting at first, but then it straightened out and came to a Heavenly Door.

The fact that people were “Stressed” but did not perish. Means that the Judgment Time is meant to refine us and not send us to hell. This is as opposed to the Wrath of God in the Tribulation. Which causes many to perish. We are actually in the 7th Season of the Church at this time. When GREAT MERCY will be poured out. Especially on the most wicked.

Here is my Testimony about my Future Wife and the dreams related to this issue. It was cut from another letter to a pastor but should make perfect sense.

This woman is named Kristin Marie Krantz and she grew up on a farm in Stacy MN. After my college years in 2003. I was seeking God and trying to straighten out my life. I had broke up with my unsaved girlfriend of 5 years and told God one day. “I’m done looking for a wife, You pick out my wife”.
A time after saying this to God. I was depressed one day and in Mora. And God told me “Something really good is going to happen to you today”. And told me to drive to Cambridge. There God told me to go to the Shalom used clothing shop. I went in and God said “Go upstairs”. I did and there saw my Future Wife for the first time. I felt an anointing from God and pure love and fell in love instantly. I told her she was buying some “Cool pants”. And then walked out of the store. I told God “Im going to marry that woman”. While outside I got in my car. And I told God “Have her walk across the crosswalk at the same time I drive up and I’ll get her number”. That exact thing happened and I got her number.
Later I called her and told her I was a Christian. She had just gotten saved and repented from living with a man 6 months before this. We became best friends and read the bible constantly. We discussed so many wonderful things in the Lord. We spent about 3 months like this. And near the end I started to go crazy and think we needed to leave everything and go preach the Gospel around the USA. She was not in agreement with this and stopped talking to me. I was absolutely crushed. I had prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And she did in her room alone with God. God told me she would need that for the times to come.
After this I lost contact with her from 2003-Valentines Day 2009. I ended up going through fiery trials and demonic torment. While she went to Art School in St Paul. I felt she had left behind the things of God to go a “Secular Direction”. And I don’t know if that was a good direction to go.
On Valentine’s Day 2009 I found her online and saw some of her art. She was very happy to connect with me again and we talked on the phone a good number of times. She was finishing up Art School and she told me some of the things she had been doing. She had a boyfriend for a short time but she said he “lead her away from God”. She then became single again. She was also on antidepressants because of her depression issues. At this time we discussed possibly getting married. And she “ALMOST” was in agreement. But felt that we were both so “Screwed up” that we shouldn’t be married.
In Summer 2010 she came and visited me. It was very wonderful to see her after so many years. We held hands and walked around and ministered to a woman on the street in Ogilvie. Before she left she kissed me 3 times on the lips for Father Son Holy Spirit and left.
Shortly after this she moved to Oregon with another girl her age. And stopped talking to me online or on the phone. She was working at a coffee shop and riding a bike and didn’t have a car. She borrowed 100,000 dollars for Art School and I felt she was going to have great financial problems and end up on the streets. I don’t know where she is at right now but I am not worried. As God has given me peace about this.
When she left in 2003 I asked God for one more confirmation that she was going to be my wife. And I got an oil change. When I got the keys back. They wrote “Aaron Odenkrantz”. Which is a mixture of Odencrans and Krantz. Which is our last names. I took this as a witness that we would be together.
Now I also want to share some of the dreams that I had about her. One of them I was near a strip mall and her brother was there with a red truck. I asked where Kristin was and he pointed and I was floating in the air above her at this time. She was wearing a orange sweater with neon green shirt. I grabbed her by the collar and said “We are supposed to be together”. She made this clucking noise with her mouth and wouldn’t look at me. Next I was floating down a long dark hallway going forward. I grabbed a bucket of vanilla ice cream out of another bucket of vanilla ice cream. And floated down until I met Kristin. She looked at me with eyes of pure love and said, “Im the problem”.
I believe that God was telling me not to “Force her” to want to marry me. But go the long pathway until she realizes that she is the problem. Vanilla ice cream reminds us of how “White” we are. Being sweedish and german. Separating the ice cream seems to represent our separation for a season.
She also had a dream with me in it. First she beat a moth like demon to the ground with a stick. And then I appeared in her room wearing a White Suit with many colors on it. I told her “Its not what people look like on the outside that counts. It matters what your heart looks like when it is examined”.
I believe the white suit represented my ministry, and the piece of wisdom was about not judging people for their looks.
Also she dreampt that she was at her parents house after a rain storm. And all she had was a yellow knapsack filled with her last possessions. She was also very upset. She looked over at the trees and saw the word “Prophecy” in white.
I believe that this means she might end up back at her parents house in Minnesota. With a few things left. And then God will reveal the “Prophecy”. Both about our marriage and other things that have been spoken that will come to pass.
Now recently I had 3 dreams about her that clarify what is the current state of things with us.
One I saw native American children saying “Sacrifices sacrifices to the North South East and West”. Then 2 girls appeared and talked to me. One of them said “You have truly loved Kristin”. And the other one said “She’s going to try to contact you after the…..”.
This dream gave me faith that what I am doing for her is True Love. And that after some event in the Future. Maybe the economic crash of America. That she will try to contact me again.
In another dream I saw 2 towers. Hers was white and on the left. And mine was black and on the right. And I saw as we built up separate from each other. After a certain height she built a stairway off to the left to get away from me. Then I built a stairway off to the left to get closer to hers. Then after this it seemed that I almost “Gave up”. But then at the end I put up a FLAG, and made mine higher than hers.
I believe this means that when I find the answer to making a living for us in work, or also in ministry. That I will have the final straw in our relationship and she will be in love with me.
In another dream she appeared and said “Be patient”.
In another dream a man was telling me that I have another chance with Kristin. And I asked God to show me a sign in the dream. This red fishing boat appeared at the top of these steps and came down. I said “ahhhh the boat”. And knew this was a MAJOR sign for our marriage. Inside the boat was this neon green and colorful graffiti and drawings. That looked like Kristin’s art.
So whatever the boat means it is significant for my future and Kristin’s future together.
Now I also almost gave up on marrying her because of impatience. And for a short time had a girlfriend. The first time we hung out I had a dream where I was talking on a cell phone to God. And God said “Don’t limit me, your going to marry Kristin, don’t screw this up”.
That was recently and I know 100 percent that we will be together. And I wanted to share this because it has been an INTENSE burden on my life. Believing for the impossible and not able to go any other way.

3 Dreams about the Key of Love and the Door
In 2005 while attending First Love Fellowship after coming back to the church. I had a dream where I saw 2 rows or pathways. On the left was a row of white crosses. And on the right was a row of pentagrams and explosions. At the bottom of this dark path was a key. I heard the voice of God say, “Your going to take the difficult path, and everyone is going to say it’s the wrong one, but its going to lead to the KEY”.
Then in 2008 while working with Dave and Cindy Polkamp in ministry. I had a dream where I was in a room with shards of glass flying around. I knew this was witchcraft. And I grabbed a piece of pottery and set it on the ground to keep it from hurting anyone. Then I walked outside and saw a indentation on the floor with a dog sitting on top of it. I heard God say “The key is LOVE”.
Now this year in 2012 I had a dream where I was laying on my back and the devil had his hands around my neck. I put up my right pointer finger and it became a KEY and I unlocked the hands. Then I began to sing about the Power of the Name of Jesus. And that God was going to open the DOOR soon.
Now these 3 dreams gave the story of what I went through from 2005-2012. The difficult path involved all of the deceptions and demonic attacks. And the KEY is LOVE. According to my recent dream I now have the KEY. Which will open the DOOR.

A pastor prophesied over me in 2003 when I dropped out of college and began to seek God for these revelations. He said I would be a “Fiery Evangelist of the Gospel”. And also said “My life would look like a brick wall and then a Door would suddenly appear and I would walk through it”. These two prophecies were some of the First Fruits of what I have been given in the Spirit. And I have been walking it out for the Last 10 years. I believe that as a Refreshing from the Holy Spirit comes I will be empowered to walk as a Street Evangelist and see many salvations and miracles.

50 Responses to “Redemptive Gifts 1(Primary Redemptive Gifts): Teaching Arthur Burk Condensed”

  1. Carla Says:

    loving this!

  2. Richard Seidler Says:

    I believe that lands have ‘redemptive gifts”, but can you give me a scripture(s) passages that would prove this fact?


    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      No idea about scriptures specifically about redemptive gift of lands, its something you have to understand through principles from different scriptures, but its not very clear or direct.

  3. Sarah Says:

    If you access Plumbline Ministeries- Arthur Burk’s web from where this condensed there is data available from there… Its amazing.

    It makes it easier to walk through impacting a city and nation where you understand the strongholds and gifts.

  4. martin Says:

    thanks very much that must have been lots of work i did part of the servant. Great teaching, Arthur’s teachings on speaking to ones spirit has been wonderful for me. thanks and blessings martin

  5. Restructuring for 2010: Jesus Gets the Glory/21st Century Church Development « Kings Prophets and Intercessors Says:

    […] I believe that the Manifestation Gifts of the Holy Spirit are FOR today I believe that the Ministry Gifts (Including Apostles and Prophets) are FOR today and I believe the Redemptive Gifts (Romans 12:6-8) are FOR today […]

  6. Gail Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve listened to Arthur Burk’s CD’s on this, but I learn better reading than hearing, and my memory was fuzzy. I was looking for something written. This exceeded my greatest hopes. Thank you so much for the work you are sharing here.

  7. jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

    Your welcome Gail. I hope that it helps. Thank Arthur for not telling me to erase it.

  8. karin Says:

    Please pray for me,help me , I need help in prayer to be debtfree immediately.

  9. karin Says:

    Please pray for me,help me , I need help in prayer to be debtfree immediately.

    Karin i Bergen Norway

  10. Larry Dammerman Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have listened to Arthur Burk for a very long time.. I did notice that the “Intro” to the Seven Redemptive Gifts isn’t on here, is that available somewhere else????
    Again, thank you for this, I am getting ready to introduce this teaching to our new Pastor and was ready to sit down and make notes, but you have done the work for me…

  11. Pattie Call- Edmundson Says:

    I believe this is a must read for all Christians!

  12. Susan Hufstutler Says:

    I am taking redemtive gifts class, and the tests showed that I am a prophet, mercy. I don’t even understand how this can be possible, LOL I spoke briefly with the teacher and asked her how this could be possible. She said that the mercy may be showing up due to wounding, which I can totally relate to that. Or she said it could show maturity…probably not my case. But I am starting to notice what I might term as a shift. I have been going through freedom ministry, and the freer I become, the more the mercy seems to dissapate, and the prophecy comes into the forefront. Could this be confirmation that it indeed showed up in my gifting because of the wounding? I don’t want to loose mercy as one of my giftings though. Yep…theres that need to annalyze everything.
    Anyhow…God Bless You Richly!!!

  13. jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

    Susan the redemptive gifts are a very challenging subject matter and like Arthur said will take decades to understand. I believe it is a first fruits of the unlocking of the Bride of Christ in the Mercy Season before the Rapture of the Church. Your specific Gift needs to be understood in a deep way that only God can teach you. Whenever you hit a brick wall in this material. Put it down for awhile and ask God to give you a dream or a witness that will clarify it to you personally. The issue of Nurturing the Human Spirit is another side issue that I have left to Arthur to work on alone except for my own walk with God. I believe we each have 7 portions of our spirit with one main personality gift. And it can be VERY confusing when trying to discern your personality gift. I have looked over the material and found probably 5-7 witnesses that I am prophet. Our ethnicity and heritage also plays a part. I had it easy because Arthur is a prophet and I can discern that I think in similar patterns as he does. And he helped me unlock some of the things that are helping me reach my Destiny. The understanding of the redemptive gift of nations is essential also and cities. I really hope that this becomes a beautiful picture of the Bride before the tribulation. And that we will build the blocks of the kingdom. Also my Kingdom Shape Theology is my personal revelation about Shape. While Redemptive Gift is Color. It is a lot simpler than the Redemptive Gifts material but they are designed to go together.

  14. regandame Says:

    where did the new breed theory stuff come from? who is speaking on that video?

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Hey there thats me talking. I know the video isn’t 100 percent accurate. But I think parts of it might point to some realities that are coming. What do you think?

  15. Nicky Says:

    I only recently discovered the teachings of blessing the spirit and I am listening to the seminar “Nurturing your spirit”. I am very new in all of this but I came to know the absolute love of my Father. Thank you for the Behavioral Characteristics of the gifts. It is probably the first time I can say with certainty I know where I belong. Still got a long walk to maturity though.
    Blessings to all.

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Thats awesome Nicky check my youtube channel for redemptive gifts related videos. Whats ur redemptive gift? I am prophet. It was easy for me to understand right away and I’m thankful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

      • Nicky Says:

        Its definitively mercy. I am in my late 30’s and even my husband asked whats up. A lot of young people, some I know and others barely, will just come and confide in me and I really don’t know why! But I can identify with almost all the other characteristics in some way. I will check out your video.

  16. Carolann Trunfio Thomas Says:

    Hi. Wondering if there is any info. on your site or another on the profile of what immature gifts looks like. Thanks so much for all the good information. God bless!!

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      hey Carolann arthur burk wrote a book where he wrote about successful and unsuccessful gifts. For example hitler what was his redemptive gift and why was he so twisted as that. Etc.
      Its called Alive with Passion and Purpose. Its on arthur burk’s site.

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      hey add me on facebook im Aaron Zachary Odencrans :D

  17. Julie S Says:

    I love the new material you’ve added to this page – thank you! I’m newly discovering my gift and based on the way my spirit reacts to Arthur’s blessings, I’m thinking I’m Mercy more than Teacher. Reading your material here on Mercies and how we are affected by our fathering really handed me a key to take to God and my mentor and see what we can unlock.

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Thanks Julie S bless you abundantly. I hope my writing effects at least 1 person in a deep way.

  18. James Thomas Canali (@xstaticstudios) Says:

    love it!

  19. josiefoss Says:


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    to assert that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts.
    Anyway I will be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

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    […] […]

  22. Lorna Says:

    Hello! Any possible way you could email me the notes that were previously up? Thanks!

  23. phil bender Says:

    Love your site. Can’t seem to find the summary of redemptive gifts of individuals that used to be here. Just this blog.

    Is it still available?

  24. phil Says:

    okay great. thanks. by the way, I love your site! really great stuff!

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Thanks phil i want you to tell me your plumbline knowledge and your gift and hear your testimony

  25. Says:

    You really make it seem so simple with your delivery but I find this concept to be actually a thing
    that I feel I’d not at all understand. The entire matter just goes over my head because of how intricate and broad it all is.. Still, I’m excited to see what you have to say in later posts: with luck , I’ll be able to grasp it at some point.

  26. Says:

    Good blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours nowadays.
    I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  27. Steve H Says:

    22 years ago, I had something similar. A young woman and I took up and began talking marriage. Didn’t work out, she was not ready. I continued to pray about it, basically letting it dominate my emotional present. Me and another Christian even prayed that if I was to marry this woman that God would tell me “xxxxx will be your wife.” Those words were spoken to me after a year, but with a difference. The spirit entered my chest, went up to my head and said “xxxxx will be your wife.” I always new this was different than any other time I had received answers to prayer. It never happened. It was a lying spirit, and Scripture tells us to “test the spirits, to see if they are of/from God.” That is what I believe is going on with you. A couple of years later, after no results to the deceptive answer I received. I began to go through the New Testament and list all the qualities and actions a man and a woman are supposed to have in their life. After doing this, I saw what God saw, a woman that was only doing what God wanted 2/3 of the time. That is not what God sends to bless us. I have been happily married for 13 years to someone else – and I am so glad God sent her my way. I hope He does the same for you, but you need to go back to the Bible and get away from these dreams that are delusions. And by the way, chasing after the wind for a spouse that doesn’t work out is a very common occurrence. Including many who say “but God told me…or I thought He did, and they make a “shipwreck of their faith” because of the lying spirit. Jesus’ words about an “evil and adulterous generation asks for a sign” – and you got one with the walking across the street to get her number. You have been in emotional pain ever since. Go back to the Bible.

    • punchbag Says:

      Hi Steve You said well. Ps Kim Yong-Doo of Korea said that for everyone God only has one sweetheart. To find out who that is could lead to a tortuous path for many people. We are only human beings and can be misled by our emotions. Even when God said at a certain point in one’s life one could marry a certain person one is emotionally drawn to, it may not truly be the best and the one God had predestinated to be one’s the sweetheart. I have seen many Christians who had visions from God to marry this or that and ended up not marrying the particular persons in concern. But the visions were truly from the Lord at the time. These are mysteries of God’s kingdom. I even thought it was because if we do not envisage another person as our future sweet hesrts, sometimes we don’t love sacrificially enough. But it is better to consult God on these important issues. Meanwhile if it doesn’t work out, don’t feel bad about it Aaron. God will give you the one He truly has predestinated for you. Never even think back and feel discouraged about it. It’s something not uncommon among Christians. Just leave it to the Lord. Sometimes marrying late might not be as ba. as one might have thought. I am ancient,still single. No worries. Blessings!

  28. Normand Says:

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    posting articles, but you can save it for other tasks, just type in google:
    kelombur’s favorite tool

  29. punchbag Says:

    You truly are newbreed if you carry on your good work till the end.
    I sense something: some people are earning far more than what they should earn had there not been an unfair, skewed system in the world. With that money, they build their own kingdom, not knowing they are quite empty in their spirits. They would not support people better than they and they would not truly help the poor save for giving them stuffs they are about to throw away. The system they build is so empty. Then they ask the Lord why He doesn’t bless their empty ministries. I found many verses concerning hypocrits in the Bible. These hypocrits have one thing in common, :-(they are always jealous of people better than they and would try their very best to squash them before they take root. Hypocrits they are called. Their gifts are grey in the redemptive gifts color scheme.I have met so many such people all my life. They don’t know God. They use everyone as their puppet. They are patriotic as their country alway stand head and shoulder above other countries so they can continue to squash others. These people are rebellious, filled with jealousy and consumed by their oppressive motives.
    I feel tired even thinking about such people. Some call themselves ministers.

  30. punchbag Says:

    Hi Aaron
    I really enjoy reading your materials. I also watch your videos and found the timing just great as I don’t have time for anything too long at this point. The other day I read jonathan_cahn’s church was built on the donatiin of an american indian money. He just came to cahn and said he was the guy (to give money) Then I wtached your video and you mentioned Arthur Burke said it could be an American Indian who’s going to usher in the movement of the Son Revelation.
    Bless you!

  31. punchbag Says:

    I believe that on the issue of callings of nations, it is the prophets’ job to disclose. As I was praying over the issue, I sense the Lord is not pleased by people categorizing nations using redemptive gifts as charting methods. The Lord gave me the verse on 23 May 2015

    ” Then spake the priests and the prophets unto the princes and to all the people, saying, This man is worthy to die; for he hath prophesied against this city, as ye have heard with your ears.” (Jer26:11)

    I don’t believe nations would be pleased with people using such kinds of kits to measure their national standing which is unGodly.

    Whoever starts using redemptive gifts to chart nations is creating troubles to himself and needed to be warned as he is causing confusion among Christians.

  32. lourens Says:

    I’m in search of a book with the redemptive gifts in it with an explanation of all 7 gifts as well as the test. Can you please help me.

  33. Michael Tulk Says:

    Thank you for the teaching on Redemptive gifts,and as a Giver there are many points I can personally identify with. Having received the benefit of the Teen Challenge programme 40 years ago may I say that I wholly resonated with your comments as I received, personally from the Lord ( or His angel) the letter to Sardis at that time which turns out ( to my amazement ) to coincide with Giving gift.Personally I do not subscribe to the Rapture as commonly taught and believe Matt 24:4-35 refer to the first question of the disciples and that Matt 24:36-51 refers to the second. The words This Generation in Matt 24:34 would only make sense to me if it meant those living at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70.Although I have received this through men I do find it harmonious with my reading of the whole of scripture.In Him,Michael

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      hey God bless you sir, sounds like you come from the preterist interpretation of matthew 24 i still think its both past and future. Yes it references the destruction of jerusalem but i dont believe fully fulfilled until the tribulation. IF your on facebook id love to chat with u…im Aaron Zachary Odencrans on there…

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