Spiritual Warfare 7: Worship/Intercession Foundations

Jericho March 7 Times (Deliverance)- Joshua 1:3

Stomping your Feet (On the Serpents Head)- Psalm 108:13/Psalm 60:5-12/Luke 10:19

Singing (Zemar) over Circumstances- Isaiah 30:29-30/Acts 26:25-27/2 Chronicles 20:21

Clapping Hands (Striking the Enemy- Halal)- Psalm 47:1/Isaiah 55:12/Lamentations 2:15/Psalms 111

Shouting (Shebach- Making Voice of Supplication)- Joshua 6:16/Psalm 47:15

Laughter (Tethilah- Break Power of Oppression Mocking the Enemy) Proverbs 15:13/Psalms 37:12-15/Job 8:21/Isaiah 61:2-3

Jumping/Leaping for Joy (Guwl)- Psalm 149:2-5

Praise (Towdah) Isaiah 42:10-14

Thanks (Darak) Psalms 103:1-2

10 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare 7: Worship/Intercession Foundations”

  1. Robert Misst Says:

    “Worship, Warfare and Intercession before the Throne of God”
    by Robert (Bob) Misst

    “Worship, Warfare and Intercession before the Throne of God” was born from the foundry of experience of over twenty-three years in the ministry of prophetic intercession for the nations. Bob has travelled with prophetic intercessors to China and Japan in the Far East, and to many individual nations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Canada and Australasia.
    The Lord has brought Bob to that humble place before His throne on his knees, at any hour of the day or night, in humble obedience and face down, to pray for nations, and to see His mighty hand do the most awesome things. In 2010, in a vision, Bob was caught up into heaven, and the Lord showed Bob the worship, warfare and intercession before the throne of God. Three months later, he was awakened from his sleep at 3:00 a.m., and the Lord told him, “Write a book of what you saw.”
    “Worship, Warfare and Intercession before the Throne of God” is that book. It is not truly a new revelation, for the Throne Room experience of worship, warfare and intercession is akin to what we see in the Book of Revelation. This book teaches us how we can pattern our worship according to the worship in heaven. It calls us to join with heaven, and to intercede and engage in warfare, for the return of the Lord and the setting up of His kingdom on the earth. Events are unfolding at a rapid speed, and the church, the true bride, must get herself ready. Heaven waits to hear her voice, which must become one sound with heaven.

    This book has two parts. Part I describes the worship that Bob experienced in heaven. Bob teaches about the seven aspects of worship in heaven, and how they are key ingredients for our worship on the earth.
    In order to help the reader to pattern this worship, and to make this teaching practical, Bob worked with internationally well known Messianic Jewish singer, songwriter, and Bible teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Jill Shannon. Jill has created a special worship project for this purpose. Her awesome worship CD, “Sounds of Heaven,” is based on Bob’s teaching on worship, as he experienced it in heaven. Duplication of the music in heaven is nearly impossible, as even the sounds and instruments are not yet seen or heard on earth; this heavenly music is discernable only in pure spirit form. Therefore, songwriters must rely on the Holy Spirit to impart to their spirits these heavenly sounds, which they express through our earthly, technical limitations. In the place of intimacy, the Lord has birthed in Jill this new expression of worship.
    In Chapter 4 of Part I, Jill shares her journey into intimacy, from which these songs are created. She shares both the revelatory aspects of songwriting, as well as offering practical and technical advice to songwriters and musicians, who desire to produce worship music that carries us into the Throne Room of God.
    This unique project of Bob’s book and Jill’s CD, is a beautiful and practical expression of the “One New Man,” made up of Jewish and gentile believers, which Paul wrote about to the Ephesians. Since Bob is a gentile believer and Jill is a Jewish believer, their unified Kingdom work is a picture of the end-time church: a unified Bride, Jew and gentile, One New Creation in Messiah Jesus. This pleases the Lord!
    Part II of the book speaks about intercession, as it is heaven. As each seal of the scroll is broken in heaven by the Lamb, the book explodes with the reality of the intercessions in the book of Revelation. These intercessions are born out of worship, and are moving towards a definite purpose: The restoration and renewal of the earth for the return of King Jesus. Heaven invites earth to join in this ONE SOUND of worship, warfare and intercession.
    The chapters in part II are filled with real-life episodes of Bob’s years of experience in prophetic intercession for the nations, as the Lord has taken him to pray for many nations with prayer teams. These testimonies serve as a teaching, which will help many in the prophetic ministry, as well as those being called into this ministry.
    Chapter 6 exposes the “giants and idols” that Christians will face, just as the Israelites faced these hindrances when entering their “promised land.” Here, the reader learns how to intercede and wage warfare against these spirits of intimidation and idolatry.
    The final chapter of the book offers practical suggestions for small groups and larger groups. Bob explains how to worship and engage in warfare and intercession, such that Heaven will open up the way for the consummation of the Lord’s Prayer… “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

    Excerpts from the book:

    Part I Worship:

    The Prophetic Word and its Fulfillment

    In November 2009, the National Days of Prayer in New Zealand was held at a beautiful place called Arthur’s Pass. Arthur’s Pass is the link through the Southern Alps of New Zealand, connecting the East Coast with the West Coast of the South Island. At the heart of this time of prayer for New Zealand and other nations, were the prayer burdens and prophetic words that were released. The key prayer concerns and prophetic mandates were these:
    1.) A call to pray for Israel and for our new Prime Minister, Mr. John Key, who has Jewish origins. The need for the nation to be “grafted into the Olive Tree” was highlighted prophetically. At that point in time, the previous government of New Zealand had closed down the Israeli Embassy in New Zealand. During the National Days of Prayer 2009, the Holy Spirit caused me to intercede for a good bit of the night for the two nations, Israel and New Zealand, with deep groans in the spirit and often encountering spiritual battles. The next morning, Warren Lyons, the founder of the National Days of Prayer in New Zealand, asked me (the author) to lead the morning worship, and I shared that I had been constrained by the Holy Spirit to pray through the night for Israel and our nation, New Zealand. This opened a way for the entire body of intercessors and prophets to intercede for Israel and New Zealand to be related internationally and politically.
    2.) A realization in the spirit, that New Zealand was “passing through” (see picture on Arthur’s Pass) a dark period of change – and so too, the church. The key scripture given to us was from Hebrews 12:26-29.
    3.) The vision of New Zealand as the “Paula Shell” – a unique shell found only in New Zealand (see picture). It reflects many colors (our nation has many ethnic groups), and has a glorious brilliance (reflecting the glory of God).
    4.) As prophets and intercessors for the nation, we did not have the wisdom as to how to pray through this time of international crisis – we needed to seek the Lord every step of the way, through this period of change.
    Early in 2010, New Zealand re-opened its ties with Israel and re-established the Israeli Consulate, which had been closed down by the previous government. This was a fulfillment of our prophetic intercessions, which greatly encouraged us. This prompted the leaders of various streams of prophetic intercessors for New Zealand, to invite prophets and intercessors to come together and to network more closely, due to the urgent sense of the times we are living in.
    At that meeting, which took place in February 2010, the Spirit of the Lord changed the agenda through a prophetic word, asking us to pray for Israel, and asking the leaders to make a covenant to pray for Israel. This word was confirmed by at least three prophets present. We saw the reason for this in the next few weeks. The Gaza “flotilla” problem suddenly raised its ugly head, which brought the world to the brink of another Middle-East war. Fervent intercession went up for this, from the prophets and intercessors in New Zealand (we were covenanted to pray for Israel), as well as from around the world, and we saw things change.
    A New Zealander activist for the people of Gaza, who was on the flotilla, was hurt, and this caused the NZ media to put Israel in a bad light. There was a lot of pressure on the new Israeli Consulate, to shut it down. A New Zealand TV channel continued to highlight the flotilla issue in a way to incite a demand on Israel, regarding the Gaza blockade. I found well-researched articles on the flotilla issue from people in high places in the US universities and US security councils, and I sent these to the TV channel director, saying that their programs were not well researched, and that the broadcasts were biased. I mentioned that as a news agency, they should show cover all the sides of the story and not just one person’s opinion. I mentioned that I would write to the broadcasting authority about this. The TV channel stopped broadcasting the flotilla issue pretty soon after. I am sure other intercessors prayed for this TV channel to stop the broadcast, as it was not well researched and presented New Zealand as an anti-Semitic nation. Their prayers were answered.
    Other prophets and intercessors made friends with the Israeli Consul for New Zealand, and his wife, and assured them of their friendship and prayers. They were not alone in New Zealand. Through dinners hosted for them, as wells as prayer times with the Israeli Consul and his wife, they showed their love and support for them and Israel.
    The leaders soon realized how quickly things were happening. We had little wisdom as to how to intercede for all of these international events. A weekend without any agenda, other than to worship our God and to listen to Him, was set for mid-September, 2010, at Arthur’s Pass – the place “God spoke to us.” Then, suddenly, on September 4th, the city of Christchurch (Arthur’s Pass is part of Christchurch domain) had a 7.1 earthquake. Miraculously, not a single life was lost! True, the earthquake caused billions of dollars worth of damage, but there was not one death, nor any serious injuries. The Prime Minister, Mr. John Key, said “it was a miracle,” when he went to the city and saw the extensive damage to buildings and roads that were split into two. Indeed, only God could have handled this without loss of life.
    Prophets and intercessors who were able to respond to the call (the South was blasted by a snow storm at that time), to spend the weekend “sitting at the feet of Jesus,” came to Arthur’s Pass during the second weekend of September, 2010. There was no agenda, other than to seek the heart of our God in worship.
    God’s response to that weekend of seeking His heart is what this book is all about. At the National Days of Prayer (NDP) in November, 2010, held at my home town and city of Auckland, I presented what I had seen in the visions of the worship in heaven, which the Spirit of the Lord had “shown” me in September 2010, at the meeting of prophets and intercessors at Arthur’s Pass. At the NDP in November of 2010, I led the assembly of people into that vision of worship – after the previous evening of casting down our idols – and it was an explosion. We worshipped from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., non-stop. The entire weekend was bathed in worship, patterned as it is in heaven.
    This book, along with Jill Shannon’s (Sounds of Heaven) CD, is our two-fold offering to the Bride of the Lord, to help us to pattern our worship and intercession as it is in heaven. The Spirit of the Lord has been tugging at my heart, to offer what we received to the Body of Christ. Jill Shannon has been sent by God for this work, bless her. She is a gift to the Body of Christ, by her deep insight into the things of the Spirit, in music and in teaching. We are entering into a season of intense warfare. God is calling us to join heaven as one voice in worship, warfare and intercession, which will release the power of God on the earth in a new way; no eye has seen, nor ear heard, the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God. I am sure that there are a number of groups, which are already into this pattern of worship and intercession. All over the earth, let there be the song of the Lamb and the song of the elders, the song of the tribes and tongues and nations and the song of the Bride: “Worthy is the Lamb, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, for he has taken His place and has begun to reign! Hallelujah!”
    My experience of worship and intercession in heaven is in complete agreement with the heavenly worship described in the Book of Revelation. Therefore, I share much from Revelation in this book, using the revealed heavenly patterns to inform our spoken prophetic words, and to direct our intercessions. It is not this book’s purpose to offer an in-depth commentary on the book of Revelation, nor does it present a comprehensive theology. Nevertheless, one cannot write a book of this nature without rightly presenting some theological points, which are essential for the Bride to align her heart with the Lord’s purposes in these last days.
    This book does not present a particular position on the timing of the Rapture, whether it will occur pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation. However, the theology presented here is “pre-Millennial,” which simply means that the Lord Jesus has not yet returned to the earth in His glorified body. He has not yet overturned the kingdoms of this world and begun to reign on the earth.
    The Lord warned us that in this world, we must expect tribulation, and that we should not be surprised at fiery trials that will come upon us. Therefore, let us be prepared for the very difficult times ahead. If our hearts are prepared, through intimacy with the Lord now, we will not be offended when these things happen. One thing is certain: The Lord Jesus Christ will return to the earth as the only King, and He will rule over the nations with justice and righteousness. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    The heart of the book’s message is to encourage the church to join with heaven, as we find ourselves in the final days leading up to “the marriage feast of the Lamb,” by patterning our worship, warfare and intercession as it is in heaven, before the throne of God.

    Robert Misst,
    New Zealand

    Bob’s book can be ordered at


  2. Bill Donley Says:

    Can you send me more information on my e-mail address at wtdnly@yahoo.com.
    Ps: How much does this CD cost?

    • jesusgetstheglory777333 Says:

      Hey bro I have all the links on this site. My video teaching and everything is free. Arthur Burk charges for his stuff its pretty expensive.

  3. joy Says:

    I want too, please

  4. Phil Brooke Says:

    Just attending a Prophetic Conference in Doonside, Sydney this weekend. We have learnt a lot and believe Robert has a deep and loving walk with Jesus. very glad we attended. Undoubtedly Christ’s return is likely in the next 15 -20 years so we much walk closely with Jesus and prepare ourselves.

  5. mfon Says:

    Please can you send me more information on this thru my email mfon_osom@yahoo.com

  6. Nicholas Ng'ang'a Says:

    Please pray to our heavenly Father that i will experience His blessings and a transformation for the better in my spiritual,physical,financial,social and ministry life.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga
    P.O Box 3305

  7. Magdeline Moupo Says:

    how can i get the CD and other staff?

  8. terry Says:

    ***(((—SATAN -IS- A LIAR—)))***

  9. Smithd2 Says:

    Very energetic blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Perhaps there is a part 2? becfkedfkfadkeee

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